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  • Information: Did the voice of Lamarr Bone in the animated series "Doug" (1991-1999). WARNING: Jun Kazama references scattered around; ignore them

    Doug Preis lost ALL the points in this review for the episode "Doug Meets RoboBone". Maybe Doug can talk to the voice of Jun Kazama from Tekken 2. Maybe they can ask a voice expert why I give harsh reviews like this. His robotic voice of authority lost me. Doug Funnie's future wife, Patti Mayonnaise should not be thrown in detention like that, and neither should his friends. This is why Doug (Preis) sank to an all new low with the voice of Jun Kazama from Tekken 2 with the dying sound I get tired of. That doesn't mean Mr. Bone is bad; the character should've had a lower voice than a mean higher one. The Quailman daydream shouldn't have happened, and maybe fourteen years later, I wouldn't compare Mr. Bone to Jun Kazama in voice annoyance level. (BTW: In Tekken 2, Jun Kazama is a she-warrior with a white headband and stands 5'7" with almond brown eyes and dark brown hair. One of her popular outfits includes a white vest and black capri pants.)

    I haven't seen any of Doug's works, but he must be doing very well with the likes of other Nickelodeon voice actors such as Tom Kenny and Tara Strong. Just remember to show a little love and compassion and one day, you'll get to know the woman that does Jun Kazama's voice in the Tekken games, Doug.