Doug Savant

Doug Savant


6/21/1964, Burbank, California, USA

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Doug Peter Savant



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Doug Savant
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Doug Savant is probably most recognized as playing Matt Fielding, the only regular gay character on Melrose Place.

He met and married Laura Leighton, who also starred with him playing Sydney Andrews. The couple married in 1997 and have two children, Jack Douglas, who was born…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • As a kid, Doug wanted to be a doctor and only got into acting after he was injured playing football.

    • Doug had knee replacement surgery in May 2007, due to an injury he sustained in the 1970's playing football.

    • Doug was nominated in 2008 and 2007 for a SAG Award along with his Desperate Housewives castmates for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

    • While Savant is perhaps most recognizable from his role of Matt Fielding on Fox's Melrose Place, he has starred in many television films, including the TBS thriller trilogy: First Show, First Target and First Daughter. He had a recurring role on the hit Fox series 24 and has made memorable guest appearances on several series, including NYPD Blue, JAG and Nip/Tuck. His theater work includes Relay, You Never Can Tell, and When the Jacaranda Blooms.

    • Doug Savant began his acting career when he left UCLA to perform in Los Angeles regional theater. He went on to appear in such films as Masquerade, Hanoi Hilton, Godzilla and Red Surf.

    • His height is 5' 10" (1.82 m).

    • He appeared on four episodes of 24 in the year 2004. He played the role of Craig Phillips.

    • He appeared on an episode of The District in 2001. He played the role of Jeffrey Riverton.

    • In 2002, he appeared on an episode of JAG. He played the role of a Navy Seals Commander.

    • His wife Laura Leighton used to be a co-star with him on Melrose Place.

    • During his time on Melrose Place, Doug was a lot skinnier.

    • He played a doctor in the movie Dropping Out in the year 2000.

    • He was in the 1998 version of Godzilla.

    • He dropped out of UCLA to pursue acting.

    • He's sometimes credited as Douglas P. Savant.

    • A year after he left Melrose Place, his character was killed in a car crash.

    • He appeared in a straight to video movie called All You've Got.

    • He appeared on an episode of Nip/Tuck.

    • He got engaged with Laura Leighton in 1997, the same year he divorced his first wife.

    • He has two daughters with his ex-wife. Their names are Arianna and Madeline. Arianna was born January 17th, 1992 and Madeline was born July 20th 1993.

    • He has an ex-wife named Dawn whom he divorced after 19 years of marriage.

    • His first role was in Swing Shift in 1984. He wasn't credited.

    • His wife, Laura Leighton, gave birth to a baby girl, named Lucy Jane Leighton Savant. She weighed 7 lbs. 7oz. [9 June 2005]

    • Although he appeared in almost every episode of Desperate Housewives (2004) during Season 1, he was still credited as a guest star. However, he was put on contract and was credited as a series regular in Season 2. Since season 3, he has been credited as a star of the show.

    • As Matt Fielding on Melrose Place (1992), he played the first openly gay character on a prime-time US soap opera.

    • Married to Laura Leighton, who played Sydney Andrews on Melrose Place (1992). The romance developed off-camera on the set of the popular TV soap opera.

    • Starred opposite Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly in the thriller Masquerade (1988) in which he played a deceptive, clean-cut psycho and continued on in off-kiltered villain roles in teen slasher movies until Melrose Place (1992).

    • Left Melrose Place (1992) after six seasons because the network refused to allow the writers to explore his character Matt's love life, and left him with little to do on the show. In 1994, the network and producers cut Matt's kiss on the season finale at the last minute after considerable ratings hype.

    • Before being cast in Melrose Place (1992), he was a delivery driver for Dino's Pizza in Burbank, owned by his cousin.

    • Doug and his ex-wife Dawn had been together since he was 19, and share two daughters.

    • Son Jack Douglas Savant (with Laura Leighton) was born October 10th, 2000.

    • Matt and Laura Leighton got engaged in November 1997.

    • He starred in Knots Landing, as did Nicollette Sheridan and in Melrose Place, with Marcia Cross, both of whom are now starring in Desperate Housewives with him.

    • In Desperate Housewives, Doug's character Tom started as a father of four. In his own family Doug is one of four siblings: Doug, Don, Dino and Lisa. Doug is also a father of four in real life: Arianna, Madeline, Jack and Lucy.

  • Quotes

    • Doug Savant: If a woman would tell me, hey that thing you just did was sexy, I just repeat doing that. I think that's the way guys do it.

    • Doug Savant: (talking about his "tv wife" Felicity Huffman) I really don't want us to have an affair-I love the relationship so much. I keep asking everyone on set to please not give us any domestic strife! I have never felt so connected to any role, and it's because of how incredibly believable the relationship is. I would much rather deal with the everyday problems that most couples in America deal with-how do you keep the romance going when you have a career and kids, that kind of thing-versus the extramarital stuff.

    • Doug Savant: (talking about his friend Felicity Huffman) I would be happy to escort Felicity Huffman anywhere in life. She's a dear friend and I love Bill too. And you can't say Bill Macy without saying one of the greatest actors on the planet. I think that is mandatory, comes in your Screen Actors' Guild handbook now. No, we get along famously and I have the utmost respect for them.

    • Doug Savant: (talking about his friend Felicity Huffman) She gave the most emotionally resonant performance of the year. Her performances are glorious and so was her speech. But I have warned her, with her multiple nominations, that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. She cannot get her head through the door anymore.

    • Doug Savant: (talking about the pilot of Desperate Housewives) In the pilot there was only one scene between Lynette and Tom. She was a desperate housewife and I was just a husband. I had no idea what the had planned for us. But Felicity was always generous and inclusive, and for that coming home scene, we successfully overcame the awkwardness of being thrown into a physical relationship immediately. After we had shot the pilot I saw her at a party for an ABC show and she said hi. I said, "I liked our stuff". She said, "So did I." It gave me a sense that we were going to be okay.

    • Doug Savant: (talking about one scene on Desperate Housewives) I loved being able to play that moment where I admitted to my father I did something wrong. People's interest was piqued, but then, just like life, it was dropped. People hold onto their secrets. I don't even think Tom told the whole story to his dad. Probably after the camera went off them, his father said something like,"I understand, but you're going to get through it, and that's that." The Scavos were not a family where communication was key.

    • Doug Savant: (talking about Desperate Housewives) The moment of this episode ('Pretty Little Pictures'-S01 E02) that I appreciated the most was when Lynette is telling Tom about Rex and Bree and then she says, "Are we happy?" That's what happens in life. Your friends or someone you know goes through a divorce and you reflect that back on your own marriage. Lynette and Tom are people that care deeply about making their marriage work. That reflects a lot of what our viewers go through.

    • Doug Savant: We did international press coverage and I found that this show is the highest rated in the history of all of television in Australia. The Channel Four people in Great Britain said, "We carried the premieres of all hit American television shows- Sex and the City, Friends- and the premiere of Desperate Housewives outnumbered them all."

    • Doug Savant: Women approach me a lot and say, "You are my husband. He travels all the time and he comes home and he just expects so much of me."

    • Doug Savant:The thing I like about Lynette and Tom's relationship and the show is that these people love each other. I think we're the couple that most reflects the problems tha real people have, in that we are trying to balance work and the personal needs of two adults while trying to raise this large family. That's what most people can relate to.(talking about Desperate Housewives)

    • Doug Savant: (talking about him and his character on Desperate Housewives) When we were shooting the scene where Lynette and I are fighting about Annabel, it was hard for me. Every time I have conflict with Lynette on the show, it doesn't make me feel real good. Sins of omission are okay. Sins of commission are more problematic because they spell real trouble.

    • Doug Savant: (talking about his character on Desperate Housewives) Tom and I are similar in that we are passionately in love with our wives and love our kids. I have four children too. But there are times when Tom is inattentive to what's going on. The way I see it, Tom's not a bad husband in the least. He thinks he's a good husband. He's just oblivious to what Lynette's problems could be.

    • Doug Savant: During my first year on Melrose, there was a great deal of pressure from the network (Fox TV) for me to out myself as a straight man. The producers of Melrose kept telling me I had to say publicly that I was a breeder. They said too many people assumed I was gay. I know the truth of my life, so I didn't have to play the network game. For three years I was the spokesperson for the AIDS rides (yearly cycle-thons) in California. I was flattered that people assumed I was gay. To me, that was an affirmation that I was doing my job.

  • Talented and has some real acting potential.

    Doug Savant plays Tom Scavo, husband of Lynette, on ABC's primetime hit, Desperate Housewives. Savant started off his career years ago on Melrose Place, though I never watched (I was too little at the time).

    Other than his character Tom, Savant isn't very well-known in the Hollywood industry. But because of his biggest role yet on Desperate Housewives, I think that he finally has a future ahead of him.

    The guy deserves more credit than he gets though. He's very talented and should be offered more roles than he gets. I hope to see Doug Savant in a movie or something soon. The guy deserves it.moreless