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Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope


3/17/1967, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Douglas Stanhope


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Doug Stanhope was a small-time comedian who made it big after making small appearances in movies and shows. He started out with "Make Me Laugh" and then made it to the "Invasion Of the Hidden cameras". Finally, he got big on "The Man Show" just recently in 2003.


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  • So much talent

    The thing about Doug Stanhope that people don't get is just like he says not all of his material is for everyone. But he needs a show on HBO so he can be himself rather than censored by the betworks. This guy is so creative but not many people even know of him because he is not netwrok matieral because of his explict comedy, all though it is so funny and true. I recomend picking up one of his CD's or if you are lucky enough catching this guy live in a town near you. Check out his website www.dougstanhope.commoreless