Dougie Poynter

Dougie Poynter


11/30/1987, Orsett, Essex, England, UK

Birth Name

Douglas Poynter



Also Known As

McFly, The Shy McFly, Dougster
  • McFly on the Wall
  • Dougie Lee Poynter on McFly on the Wall
  • Dougie Lee Poynter gives his best rock p...
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Born on 30th November 1987, Dougie is the youngest member, and the bassist of pop band, McFly. He has a long-time obsession with Blink 182, and his dream was to meet Tom Delonge, which he has since done. He is also labelled the weirdest member of McFly. He…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Dougie Poynter is the bassist in the band McFLY.

    Dougie never ceases to amaze me! His talent on the bass is incredible to begin with and then you add in his quirky personality and you have a truly winning combination! I love all the crazy stories he tells at shows, they always keep me laughing. And his talents in song writing are great too! He co-wrote Star Girl, wrote Transylvania, Ignorance, Silence is a Scary Sound which all pay homage to Blink 182, his idols. Dougie's talented and super gorgeous! I love his voice and of course, his unique tattoos! It makes him perfect to look at and listen too.moreless
  • my opinion one of the most gorgeous guys on the planet and has one of the sweetest singing voices!

    dougie is like one of the most gorgeous person alive...!! and not to mention he has the most sweetest singing voices you can ever hear.....and not to mention he can act...well sort of i guess you never really hear him say anything on Just My Luck!oh he did say 17 words tho...[yes was jobless and counted hw many words he said]:P...but i think he's an awesome bassist/actor/singer/hottie! can you say he's an all rounder in the hollywood business?!oh and i forgot he's a songwriter....Transylvania was soo good!! yeh so now you can say he's an all-rounder!!!!!!!!

    so dougie is a :