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    • Douglas: (on taking up government assignments) Close friends and advisers warned me against taking on a government assignment. This was too radical a change of character for the public to accept, they said. It preferred its theatrical personalities to be that, and nothing else. An actor would be unacceptable in any diplomatic capacity because of a preconceived bias about show folk. Hence, it was argued that I might fail in any assigned mission, as well as damage my professional career at one and the same time; thus, falling between two stools. I made up my mind, however, that I could accomplish certain missions, and that the issues involved in the world at that time, it was some time before the last War, were far more important than any possible detrimental effect on my business. I would not, in my view, be true to myself if, so to speak, I played it safe. After a number of unpublicized assignments, I was summoned by President Roosevelt and accepted an appointment to come into the open as a presidential envoy on a special mission to certain Latin American countries. This first "open mission" was accomplished, and my subsequent public affairs activities did indeed affect my professional career, almost as predicted.