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    • Douglas: (on Joan Crawford, his first wife) So many dreadful things have recently been written about Joan Crawford!. But the girl I knew was enchanting and terribly nice. I refused to read her stepdaughter's book, Mommie Dearest, because when I learned what it was about, it seemed to be about someone I had never known. Joan and I were devoted and friendly right up to the end. It's true we had a very different view of things. You see, she was absolutely dedicated to her work, to her studio, to her career. Work was her only reality. Nothing else interested her. When we took a long-delayed honeymoon and traveled to London and Paris, she couldn't wait to get back to Culver City and M-G-M. I had many other interests. I loved to travel and had friends in all walks of life, but she didn't care for any of that. Finally, our temperaments just didn't jibe. The fact is, she was incredibly intense. I wasn't.