Douglas MacIntosh

Douglas MacIntosh

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  • I am very pleased with douglas on the show.He brings a great sense of humor to the show. He's also very charming and genuine. i enjoy watching him everyday.he seems to be a sweet man. i hope that he continues to enjoy the success that he has had so far.moreless

    I think Douglas is an asset to the show. The chemistry that he and Judge Milian have is great! It is very interesting to watch them play off of each other. They have and mutual respect and admiration for each other. They also are very protective of each other which I find Quite refreshing to watch. With all the reality shows on today, it is a pleasure to someone who is as genuine and charming as Douglas. I heard that he is an ex-nfl player and i would love to have some posters or something of hiom so that i can show my two boys that a person can be just as successful off the field as on.moreless