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  • Defiant One

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 2/20/13

    Hiccup and Snotlout differ in opinion during a mission and the two end up on Outcast island.

  • What Flies Beneath

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 2/6/13

    Toothless encounters a rival from his past. Blinded by their grudge against each other, Toothless runs away in hopes to battle the rival alone. Hiccup must find Toothless and reason with him before this rivalry turns fatal.

  • Princess Protection Program



    After the country she lives in is invaded, Princess Rosalinda is taken in by the Princess Protection Program. She goes to live with an agent, and begins to act like a normal American teenager, with the help of the agent's daughter Carter. In return, Rosie helps Carter get over her own insecurities. In the end, the two opposites realize they have become closer than either would have thought.moreless
  • Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board



    Johnny Kapahala returns to Hawaii for his grandfather's weeding. When he arrives, Johnny meets his new family, including his 12-year-old uncle, Chris. Johnny's grandfather and his new wife open a surf shop that also sells mountain boarding gear which causes a turf war with a rival shop owner and the leader of Dare Devils, Troy, who wants to shut their business down. Will Johnny's new dirt boarding skills settle the two rivalry between the shops?moreless
  • Thunder Struck (1)

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 37 - 11/13/04

    Mesogog, now split from Mercer, readies his transmogrifacation beam, which will turn all of humanity into dinosaurs. To power it, he'll need the Dino Gems. But to start with, he siphons off Elsa's lifeforce. Instead of being destroyed by it, she's somehow teleported to Zeltrax, and reverted to a near-amnesiac civilian form. The Rangers face Zeltrax again, and free his captive, stunned to learn who she is, just as much as she is to learn it as well! Trent makes a deal with Mesogog to trade the Dino Gems for his father. In doing so, he allows his teammates to sneak onto the island fortress and with the help of Hayley's latest invention, blast the dinosaur-izer beam before it can be fired! Trent barely makes it out in time as Mesogog's lab explodes around him, rescuing not only the Gems, but Anton Mercer as well. Little do they know, that while they were gone, Zeltrax infiltrated Tommy's secret lab, recaptured Elsa, and destroyed the place! Also, Devin works up the courage to ask Cassidy to the prom. But the matter of finding the Rangers' secret identities or face being fired from their News Reporting job gets in the way. Luckily, he happens to stumble upon the DT team morphing, and actually succeeds in filming it!moreless
  • House of Cards (1)

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 35 - 10/30/04

    Ethan plays against Devin with their favorite card game, "Dragon Wars." He wins using the ultra-rare Ruby Dragon card, but in doing so attracts the attention of Principal Randall, who confiscates their cards. Dr. Oliver is persuaded to talk to Randall about giving the cards back, and when going to visit her office, he witnesses her changing into Elsa! Tommy and Elsa do battle in the schoolyard, blowing her disguise as Randall in front of the whole student body, leaving a vacancy for Principal of Reefside High. Trent goes to Mesogog's lab by himself, and tries to get the card back, but in fighting Elsa, accidentally ensures it gets turned into the Ruby Dragon monster. While fighting the Rangers, both the Ruby Dragon and Elsa make it known that Trent is hiding something from his teammates. He tries to play it off as his going after the card solo was the big secret. Ruby Dragon is destroyed by the three main Megazords. Elsa, again threatened by Mesogog for her failure, slips the Ruby Dragon card into Dr Anton Mercer's pocket, setting it up to fall out when he reaches for his cellphone while talking to the Rangers in the hallway of the high school. The stress of explaining how it got there leads to his transforming into Mesogog in front of the team! Mesogog thinks Trent set him up, the team realizes this was his big secret, and trust is lost from both sides on the White Ranger.

  • Thunder Storm (2)

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 32 - 10/9/04

    Cam, Blake, and Hunter head into the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their stolen powers, and run into some resistance, in the form of Zurgane, Kelzaks, and a few previously destroyed monsters. They nearly plunge into the depths, but their Sensei arrives in time to save them. Mesogog and Lothor form an alliance, with Mesogog providing the plan and Lothor providing the Evilized Wind Rangers. The three Winds Ninjas face off against the main three DinoThunder teens, in an unmorphed showdown, leading up to Dino Gem powers vs Ninja powers, Conner vs Shane, Ethan vs Dustin, Kira vs Tori. It's fairly enough matched a battle, and right when it's about to move up to morphed, Cam, Blake & Hunter show up. They trick their three spellbound teammates into giving up their evilly-enchanted Power Discs for their original ones, thus breaking the spell! The combined forces of Mesogog and Lothor's troops are assembled, so the combined forces of the Ninja Storm and DinoThunder Rangers all come together to stop them. The 11 Rangers pair off: the two Reds take on Lothor's newest Abyss-spawn Generals, utilizing their Cycles, weapons, and eventually, a double-dose of Battlizer power; Blue Wind and Yellow DT double team on Elsa; Yellow Wind and Blue DT, on their Cycles (including the Hover), take on a few previously-destroyed monsters; Black DT, and Navy & Crimson Thunders team-up against Zurgane; and Green Samurai & White DT face the Wolfblades and the three teams of footsoldiers, using a boost of Super Dino and Super Samurai powers. But it's Marah & Kapri who save the day, by showing their true colors in swiping their uncle's bottle, and freeing the captured ninjas. Seems they were also behind rescuing Sensei! Lothor hasn't time to let this loss sink in, as Mesogog challenges him to a duel. The fight rages in his lab, leading to Mesogog reverting Lothor into his basic genetic material, kept harmlessly preserved forever in one of his chemical jars. Seems Lothor's extraction of their powers have brought an end to the Ninja Storm Rangers' powers for good, but their new friends, the DinoThunders, are continuing on the good fight for them. Blake wins his motocross race, as the combined teams cheer him on, and Marah & Cassidy see each other in passing, finding the other stunning, but themselves prettier.moreless
  • Thunder Storm (1)

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 31 - 10/2/04

    Lothor finally climbs his way out of the Abyss of Evil. Disguising himself as his now-captive twin brother (Sensei Watanabe), Lothor tricks Shane, Dustin, and Tori into donning the Wind Morphers, sabotaged to make them his slaves, his own evil Rangers! With them, and a pair of monsters he picked up in the Abyss, Lothor sieges the Wind Academy, and captures the students once more. Marah & Kapri, always looking out for themselves, reluctantly resume their status in their uncle's army. Meanwhile, Blake comes to Reefside for a Motocross tournament, and begins a flirtation with Kira. It isn't long before Cam contacts him and his brother Hunter, about the current situation regarding their old teammates. The evil Wind Rangers, with Kelzaks and the two Monster Generals by their side, head on a march of destruction. Hayley & Tommy, noticing a blanket of evil spreading over the state of California from the re-opened Abyss, become aware of this rampage. The three main DinoThunder Rangers are sent to stop them, and holding back so as to not destroy the fellow Rangers, are beaten by the evil Winds. And Mesogog dispatches Elsa to offer Lothor their aid in the assistance of the destruction of the world...moreless
  • A Ranger Exclusive

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 24 - 7/31/04

    Elsa's got a new plan to bring her master Mesogog's vision of a barren, dinosaur-ruled Earth to fruition: Transmit an implosion-generating signal to Jupiter's Great Red Spot, causing the planet to explode, and set off a chain reaction that'll lay waste to humanity in the process. Using the Jupitor monster to transmute into a virus and overtake the satellite of Channel 3, will she succeed in her big broadcast? Meanwhile, Ethan appeals to Channel 3 intern Kira to help get his new "cyber soul mate" Cassidy a chance to reach and convince manager Edward Cormier into giving the aspiring reporter a job. Will she, and her cameraman Devin, prove themselves worthy of Reefside Nightly News?moreless
  • A Star is Torn

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 23 - 7/24/04

    Between Trent's duties of helping run the Cyberspace cafe, Conner's hair-raising simulations on helping to develop the new Assault Vehicle, and Ethan's net-search for his soul mate (who turns out to be closer than he realizes), nobody has time to listen to Kira's good news. She's gotten the interest of a big time music manager for Tones Records, who wants to shoot a music video for her. Unfortunately, she finds herself having to compromise her own style for that of what the manager wants, a techno-pop freak. Will she eventually choose to be true to herself instead? Meanwhile, Zeltrax unleashes the new & improved Aerial Assault Craft, attempting to draw out the Rangers. Can Conner's new Triassic Mega-Rover save the day?moreless
  • Triassic Triumph

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 22 - 7/17/04

    Conner comes to believe that Alexi Poporof, Reefside High's new Russian exchange student/soccer player, thinks himself better than everyone else. Is this just a misunderstanding? Meanwhile, Zeltrax samples a portion of the new Evil White Ranger clone's energy, and creates the White Terrorsaurus monster. With it, and the clone, he helps confuse the Power Rangers about the validity of their newest team member's loyalty. Even when Trent shows up to help fight his doppleganger, trust waivers in the White Ranger. Tommy helps prove his allegiance by guiding him in uncovering the Shield of Triumph, an ancient artifact of incredible power. Will it be enough to unlock the power of the Triassic Ranger?moreless
  • Copy That

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 21 - 7/10/04

    Zeltrax, desiring to atone for his loss to the White Ranger, creates Copyotter, who uses his special ability to copy the Rangers' weapons and uses them on the heroes. He also creates three clones of Cassidy, sending poor Devin into near insanity. But most importantly, he creates a duplicate White Drago Sword, with which Zeltrax frames White Ranger in trashing Mesogog's lab. Will Mesogog use the Lifeforce Extractor on Trent for his apparent betrayal? By the end of this day, one evil White Ranger will cease to be, while another will be born! Plus, learn the story of how Mesogog was born, as told by Anton Mercer himself.moreless
  • The Missing Bone

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 17 - 5/22/04

    With Dr. Oliver "on sick leave" (due to his demorphing troubles), Dr. Anton Mercer, Trent's adoptive father and alter ego of Mesogog, is brought in by Principal Randall as the substitute science teacher. He immediately stages a field trip to the Reefside Museum, which leads to Kira ending up in a storage room where she is forced to submit to the will of a hypnotic dinosaur skull. The creature gives her a sour attitude towards her friends, and ultimately leads her to Tommy's lab to steal a bone she had recently noticed while helping him take inventory. The bone is revealed to be the final component of Fossilador, a hypnotic dinosaur monster created by Tommy and Mercer years ago! Can our heroes stop her before she restores the bony creature?moreless
  • White Thunder (3)

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 13 - 5/1/04

    Now with his White Dragozord on the loose, the evil White Ranger makes himself an even bigger threat by stealing the DinoThunder team's Stegazord, and combines it with his own into his personal Megazord, the Dino Stegazord! Are our heroes' Zords any match for this combination? While Mesogog sends out a souped-up version of Angor to complicate matters, White Ranger faces Red Ranger one-on-one. Can Conner unlock more of his Dino Gem's potential to give him the power to defeat Trent? Plus, Tommy discovers the White Ranger's identity, but at a huge cost. Meanwhile, Cassidy & Devin literally stumble onto getting Trent demorphing on videotape! Will this be their big break?moreless
  • White Thunder (2)

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 12 - 4/24/04

    The evil White Ranger finds his own Dragozord Dino Egg, and begins to bond it to him by feeding it energy from his Morpher. The DinoThunder Rangers attempt to stop him, but Mesogog's Angor monster keeps the main three busy in a fight with the Megazord, and Zeltrax once again scuffles with Tommy. Can they stop the evil gem-controlled Trent from gaining the power of a Zord? Will the new Parasaur Zord be of any help? Meanwhile, Cassidy & Devin run afoul of a gang of mischievous young kids in their search for the new White Ranger's secret ID.moreless
  • White Thunder (1)

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 11 - 4/17/04

    Having allowed it to gestate for a year, Elsa retrieves the White Dino Gem, with the intent of having it bond with Mesogog. But Trent, following the Invisiportal from his father's office, winds up accidentally, and painfully, bonded with the Gem instead! Thanks to the genetic tampering done to the gem, whose side will this ultra tough White DinoThunder Ranger be on? Meanwhile, Cassidy & Devin have their work cut out for them if they want to join the local TV news team.moreless
  • Wave Goodbye

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 3 - 2/21/04

    Conner's given a shot at playing professional soccer, but his Ranger duties impede upon this once in a lifetime chance. Will he give up helping to save the world for a sports career? Meanwhile, Ethan introduces his teammates to "Hayley's Cyberspace", a new cyber-cafe run by a very knowledgable woman. Kira meets Trent, waiter at the cafe and budding artist. Still desiring the Dino Gems, Mesogog unleashes his first genetically-combined monster of the day. Tommy locates the eggs of his Raptor Rider creations, but can he survive taming them for the team to use them?moreless
  • Day of the Dino (1)

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 1 - 2/14/04

    While on a detention-related field trip with their new science teacher (Dr. Tommy Oliver), three students from Reefside High School (soccer star Conner, rocker star wannabe Kira, and wiz-kid Ethan), stumble upon mystical Dino Gems which give them special powers. This makes them a target for a group of evil creatures known as Tyrannodrones. Can the teen trio work together despite their vast differences? And what connection is there between Dr. Oliver and the T-Drones' master, the dinosauric humanoid known as Mesogog?

  • Storm Before the Calm (1)

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 37 - 11/15/03

    Lothor's true plan is revealed, as he elaborates upon his decision to let Vexacus wipe out his army in an effort to overflow and burst open the Abyss of Evil in a final attempt to destroy the Earth. It's all been foretold on the Scroll of Destiny, that he'll succeed in this. The Rangers gather at the Action Games to compete in special events, which just happens to be held on the exact area where the Abyss's entrance is at! Will our heroes destroy Vexacus, and thus, put the city one step closer to being overrun with the revived defeated monsters?moreless
  • Down and Dirty

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 36 - 10/18/03

    Marah & Kapri, having revealed to Shimazu that they've been faking being idiots all along, use his aid in piloting a trio of Evil Zords, all part of their grand scheme to overthrow Lothor by destroying the Rangers themselves! Meanwhile, Blake & Hunter's motocrossing rivalry signals a change in field of expertise for Dustin.moreless
  • General Deception (2)

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 34 - 10/4/03

    Zurgane's Zord is obliterated by the Rangers, but the General manages to get the data from the Rangers' attacks, and uses it when creating a new Zord, the HyperZurgane Zord! It cripples the Hurricane Megazord, so can the Rangers stall Zurgane long enough for the Zords to be repaired? Even if Zurgane survives the battle, one of his fellow Generals has his own plans about his fate...moreless
  • Shimazu Returns (2)

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 28 - 8/23/03

    Facing the combined trio of Wolfblades into one giant monster, the Rangers' Zords are helpless against it. Can Cam retrieve the component necessary to winning this battle? And what does it have to do with his hidden talent for the "Search for a Star" program? Speaking of which, will the pop-singing Marah & Kapri be the surprise underdogs at the contest?moreless
  • Shimazu Returns (1)

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 27 - 8/16/03

    As the Rangers prepared to compete on the "search for a star" program, Cam ventures to a museum in search of an important artifact, and is not only attacked by Marah & Kapri, but the revived Motodrone! If that wasn't bad enough, an ancient statue is brought to life during the battle, reviving the long-dormant alien warlord Shimazu. He brings with him a trio of vicious beasts called Wolfblades. Can our heroes tame these three bad dogs?

  • Return of Thunder (4)

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 12 - 5/3/03

    Banished from Lothor's army, Choobo strikes out on his own, and strikes back against the Thunder Rangers by capturing them in his deadly backpack dimension. Can they escape, and deal with Choobo once and for all? Will Blake & Hunter finally become part of the Ninja Storm team? What ultimate weapon does Cam have in store if they can come together at last?

  • Return of Thunder (2)

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 10 - 4/19/03

    Trapped on a mysterious island together, the Wind Rangers are hunted by the brainwashed Thunder Rangers. An unnatural cold front sweeps the planet, eminating from the island. Thanks to the evil spell wearing off, Blake & Hunter appear to be prepared to switch sides again, but when the revived Super Toxipod monster appears and turns one of them bad again, it'll be brother against brother!

  • Return of Thunder (1)

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 9 - 4/12/03

    The Thunder Rangers' journey to self discovery is interrupted by Choobo, who approaches them in the desert, claiming to have defected, and willing to give them Lothor's ship's access codes as proof. But when they trust the villain, they walk right into a trap, and are brainwashed into becoming evil again! Can the Wind Rangers withstand battling both the Thunder Rangers, and the new Toxipod monster?moreless
  • Thunder Strangers (3)

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 7 - 3/22/03

    As the Evil Space Ninjas celebrate the capture of Sensei Guinea Pig by the Thunder Rangers, the Wind Rangers pinpoint just where Blake and Hunter are taking their mentor. Tracking the evil Rangers to the Mountain of Lost Ninjas, our heroes struggle not only to retrieve Sensei, but to fight off the zombie guards around the location of the powerful Gem of Souls! Will both sets of Rangers work together, and will the Thunders learn the truth of the fate of their parents at last? All of this, plus Zurgane unveils his very own Zord!

  • Prelude to a Storm

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 1 - 2/15/03

    Three young extreme sports fans, surfer Tori, skateboarder Shane, and motocrosser Dustin, spend their afternoons together at the Wind Ninja Academy, where the future stealth protectors of the Earth are trained in secret. Though, they're considered to be the three least dedicated students, the trio's potential and good nature comes to an advantage, when they run late for class one afternoon. It just so happens, that day, Lothor, a banished evil ninja, comes back to the planet, and conquers every Ninja Academy with his hoard of Evil Alien Ninjas! With their Sensei trapped in the form of a guinea pig, and his grumpy and embittered tech-wizard son Cam designing the weaponry to combat the villains, the three become the Wind Ninja Rangers. Can they manage to defeat the Blue Face monster in their first battle?

  • The Lost Village

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 7 - 11/16/97

    Ninjas gang up on an old Chinese man, which Green Hulk isn't happy about. The man shows his gratitude by giving him his special medallion. Amazingly, it gives Bruce full control of his transformations. The medallion came from the hidden Anavrin valley in Tibet – prompting a new journey for Bruce, Betty and She-Hulk. That place may be the key to ending Bruce's days as the Hulk for good. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones searching for Anavrin. The deadly Scimitar and his team also seek to possess Anavrin's secrets, and they aren't ones to show restraint.moreless
  • Cars Attacks

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 15 - 5/20/97

    Jenny, Lt. Stone's niece, comes to town with a chip on her shoulder, shunning an offer of friendship from Kat. The two soon end up competing for a sole spot at London's Royal Dance Academy. The auditions get quite heated, when Elgar plants a detonator disguised as a cassette player at the dance hall. If that weren't bad enough, Wolfgang von Griller orchestrates control over all vehicles in Angel Grove to come to life and fly around attacking the Rangers! And the Bulk & Skull Chimps' most recent attempt to get attention to their plight, involving the Juice Bar's funds, puts a strain on the relationship between Jenny and her uncle.moreless
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