Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron


1/15/1996, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Chloe Celeste Hosterman


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    • Dove: (on what she would do if she wasn't an actress) I actually have a plan B, I told myself that if I didn't make it anywhere by the time I was 18, that I would go to fashion school because I've been sewing mostly my own clothes since I was 7, and I've always had a huge interest in fashion. I would definitely like to have a fashion line one day.

    • Dove: (on her personality) I am actually a really shy and quiet person believe it or not

    • Dove: (on the personality from the past she would like to meet) Edgar Allan Poe, I think he's a brilliant poet. I was actually given a copy of his work when I was like 8 years old that was my grandfathers and I still carry it around with me.

    • Dove: (on acting classes) I don't think I've ever taken an acting class, I took one acting class then I realized it wasn't for me as it's not for everyone and actually my belief on acting is the best actors and the most convincing style of acting come from people who are very observant of other people.

    • Dove: (on preferring flats over heels) Flats, for sure! Even though I'm super short, I still haven't learned how to walk in heels. I'm 5'2 and it would be super beneficial if I knew how to walk in heels, but I always fall flat on my face. Oops!

    • Dove: (on her hair) My hair is naturally wavy, so I prefer it curly. I usually just put it up in a bun and when I take it down it's wavy, curly and all over the place. I just leave it that way!

    • Dove: (on her ideal night) My ideal night would involve a lovely home-cooked meal, along with a long movie, candles and a couch with lots of blankets.

    • Dove: (on preferring winter) I'm a total winter girl!

    • Dove: (on where she would prefer to go on holidays) I would definitely love to head to the French countryside to spend a few weeks in a tiny little house.

    • Dove: (on she preferring singing over dancing) I'd choose singing because that's something I've been doing my entire life. I love singing! It's a huge, huge passion of mine.