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  • Whats MY problem!

    I've had an hystorictomy two years ago. at first i was losing about 10bls every week for 9 months. along with me going through chemo every month for 6 months. May of Year 13 ended my chemo,and i was then 205bls. then in August, i noticed that i was putting on as much weight as i'd had lost! i started exercising and dieting again for three months straight every day for about 3-5 hours, and nothing was coming off! by New Years of 14, I'd gained as much as 60bls. Then by 6 more months, i've gained a total of 107bls. I've been having sharp pains under my rib cage everytime i bend over to do anything. its the kind of pain that causes you to stand straight up immediately! I've went to a Dr. about this, but I've haven't heard anything about my CT scan as of yet. and when they weighed me, I am now over 320. I am now afraid to weigh myself cause i feel about 350. I'm also having problems with my throat area. my neck feels i'm about to get a bad cold or hoarse. then i found a very tender bump under my chin that is sore to the touch. my body is very achey and i'm constantly depressed and constantly worrying about my health. whats the cause of my condition,the name and what medical advice do you have to give. Please HELP!!!moreless
  • spam count

    Hi. Pls I just want to confirm if someone with 16millon spam count can pregnate lady? Pls I need the answer asap thanks