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Dr. Robert Schuller

Dr. Robert Schuller


9/16/1926, Alton, Iowa

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Robert H. Schuller
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  • Recommend to anyone

    If you need to be cheered up, or uplifted, or revived or just want to spend a bright music filled late Saturday night, or Sunday morning, then watch Dr. Robert H. Schuller.

    Bob Schuller has inspired generations similar and certainly as great as, Oral Roberts, or Norman Vincent Peale, to live a positive life, turn negatives into positives and find inspiration in every aspect of life.

    Robert H. Schuller is a National and International treasure as his message goes out to all countries including Russia and China. Schuller is the ONLY religious broadcast allowed to our Military servicemen and ladies. The example he sets and the messsages of power of positive thinking will influence us us indefinatly.

    Have personally been to the Crystal Cathedral, in Orange, CA., and would recommend it to anyone, from any religious background to pay a visit. You will be inspired and vivified if you do.moreless