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  • Drake Bell is amazing!!

    Drake Bell is really funny and super cute!!!! He writes amazing music and I loved when he was in Drake and Josh. His music is awesome and He's very cute!!!! Drake Bell is amazing!!!
  • Ahh... Drake Bell!

    Drake Bell is my biggest idol. He's cool...
    Man, I love his songs and I love his movies!
    Can't believe that he's not SUPER-VERYVERYVERY-Famous!
    No, really, as long as he hasn't got a beard or something, he's a very good looking guy too.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not gay.
    As I was saying, I like all of his songs and I can't wait untill he brings out his 3th album!
    O, yeah, he was in Drake and Josh too of course!
    Man, I like that show, it's like the bestest sitcom ever!
    Really funny! Well, I hope I can see him in real life once...

    SpongebeachBob out!
  • Drake Bell is awesome at everything he tries to do, and even things he's not trying to do.

    Drake is one of the few actors/musicians (the other being Billie Joe Armstrong; but Drake also acts...) that I can just fall head-over-heels with. He's an amazing singer. He's unrealistically cute. He's a VERY good actor. Even though I bet he's really smart in real life, he can play a very dumb character flawlessly. Plus, he doesn't laugh, even though he has some of the funniest lines, unless it's part of his role (like, it says a character says something and he has to snicker). His level of sarcasm is enough to make me fall out of my chair, cracking up. All-in-all, Drake Bell is one of my favorite actors of all time.
  • Jared Drake bell, best known for his role as Drake on the sitcom "Drake & Josh" was born on June 27, 1986 in Orange County, CA. He is also a musician whose songs were featured several times on the show.

    What can I say? I love Drake Bell! He was so funny in "Drake & Josh," which is probably my current favorite show. He really played the part of a teen slacker into nothing but music and pretty girls well, even though he seems nothing like that in real life. I think Drake seems very sweet and down-to-earth in real life. Also, I love his music, and I like how he puts his own spin on it, it's not just what everyone else does. I'm sorry that he had to go through that, but I think it's so cool how instead of moping about being in a nearly fatal car accident, he just uses it as a learning experience and tries to live his life to the fullest everyday. And I wouldn't usually say this, but he is so cute, hot, actually! Anyway, I really admire Drake Bell and wish him the best in everything he does, and a happy 23rd birthday!
  • Drake Bell rocks! He is the KING!!!

    I think Drake Bell is a terrific actor, and a superb guitarist! I always love it when he plays his guitars, I always like to listen to his famous music and lyrics. I still listen to his songs I Found a Way and Hollywood Girl sometimes, like say, on youtube or something. Anyway I think Drake Bell was awesome in his very own show: Drake and Josh! I will miss that show but I am sure he is doing great rockin' up places elsewhere and scoring more fans, and also creating more fabulous songs and albums! Good luck out there Drake Bell! I hope to see you performing live at more cool concerts and stuff, and make more huge hits in the future! Drake Bell is cool, he did great in Drake and Josh, he had some good times in that show! He did great in great episodes like The Dance Contest. Anyway I think Drake Bell has mad good guitar skills and I will always like you Drake Bell!
  • Awesome Talent

    Drake Bell is an awesome talent no matter what he tries. He is a superb actor and a fabulous musician,song writer, singer ect. He is great as a host, director, producer and everything else he tries. The best thing is he is a special person who is an excellent role model and inspiration but not just for kids he is also one for adults for we are all kids at heart. I think from what I've seen of him he was born to act and music is his passion.

    He is extremely hot and talented but more important he is a sweet and lovely person as well. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be one of the all time greats of our time.
  • Awesome actor, and music artist.

    I really like Drake Bell. He is very talented, and attractive. I really like his music. Drake in my mind makes awesome music. Unlike The Naked Brother's Band, He knows how to write good songs, and sing beautifully. He pretty much got started in acting on The Amanda Show. That scene with Drake, and Josh fighting over a shrimp is pretty much what gave Dan Schneider the idea on creating Drake and Josh the TV series. Drake Bell played as Drake Parker, a teen rock star who only likes his guitar, and girls. Drake did an awesome job on the show. His acting was top-notch, and the stunts he did on the show were awesome! I will never forget Drake Bell for as long as I live.
    Well that's it for my review on Drake Bell. Enjoy!
  • awesome actor, comedian and singer

    he reminds me of Kenan and Kel. If theres a Kel there must be a Kenan. If theres a Kenan, there must be a Kel. I think that he and Josh have to be the one of the best actors i have ever seen. when they are together, they can seriously be hilarious. I love Drake mostly because he can act as a care less guy. Thats why i loved him so much in Drake and Josh. I did prefer him in the Amanda show was Totallu Kyle.
    About his singing, i think he has a strong voice. i mean i dont listen to his music but i think he has a great voice
  • he's amazing.

    Talented. Hot. Amazing. Taht Just about sums up Drake Bell. He can sing, act, ( and probably dance, too, if he put his mind to it! ) which, in old Hollywood would have been called a triple threat. Of course, I'm sure he'd know this, considering, he loves old Hollywood! ( I do Too! My fave old Hollywood actors are harold lloyd (silent film star) Jimmy Stuart, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck, Dick powell, Myrna Lloy, Katherine Hepburn and Carey Grant. There are also many more, I just can't think of them right now. Drake's favorite are: Harold Lloyd (Hey, Me too!) Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford.... and I can't think of anymore... but i find it very cool for him to like old movies... you don't find that much now of days. HE ROCKS!!! (yeah, he does rock, litterally!)
  • He ROCKS!

    Drake Bell is a talented musician and a great actor. He acts really great and is really HOT and he plays the guitar and electric guitar and ROCKS at that and has his own albums and songs and writes his own songs. I just like the way he looks and acts and I like the show Drake & Josh and it is extremely hilarious and I wish there were more and more new episodes of the show. He has started acting at a very young age and has done very well so far. He should still keep acting and never give up keep up the good work Drake.
  • drake bell started his career young w/ a tom cruise movie and moved on to the amanda show and drake and josh and now stars in movies such as superhero movie and college

    ok drake bell..wow do i have a limit..seriously there is so much to say and im so hyper so this is gonna be a lot lol..he is such a great actor and comedian..in fact hes like my fav comedian in that age bracket..hes like totally perfect..he can sing, dance, play guitar, piano, drums, bongos (lol), hes an actor and comedian..hes so fabulous..i love hearing him sing..im still trying to find the clip from the amanda show where he sings..i found one when penelope comes thru the wall but its so short that i dont get to enjoy his voice..but i love all his songs and i am even happy when i hear him singing the backgrounds for icarly..i wish i could learn guitar from him..hes just multi-talented and hilarious on top of that..i just saw his recent movie and he had me rolling on the floor laughing..hes just so entertaining and like josh hes moved from kinda sweet and innocent and really grown up in the last few yrs..like now he has a beard which i didnt like at first but ive grown to like it w/ his glasses and he still looks totally hot...he is just so amazing and i look forward to watching anything w/ him in it
  • Jared Drake Bell was born on June 27, 1986 in Orange County, California, making him twenty-one years old. Drake started acting at the age of five, and his biggest break was in Jerry Mcguire. Drake was in the Amanda Show and starred in Drake and Josh.

    I absoulutely love Drake Bell. He is an amazing actor and musician. I first discovered Drake in the Amanda Show and I have liked him ever since then. But, in 2004 I realized that I really did have a crush on him, and now it is 4 years later!

    I love Drake and Josh and I hope that his new movies are going to be great, just like him. But, all of us already have a guarantee that any movie he is in is going to be great =).

    Like I said, he is an amazing talented actor and musician, and my life goal at the moment is to meet him someday =).
  • good actor

    drake is a good actor.hes very talented.my favorite work of his is drake and josh.his acting has gotten better over the past few years of drake and josh production.he and josh peck were funny together on the amanda show and drake and josh. i wonder what work he will begin next since drake and josh has been unfairly canceled when everyone loves the show and the actors. he is one of my favorit e actors.i also like yours mine and ares ( a movie he was in ) i would love to see him in more movies in the future. 10/10 great personality
  • Drake Bell RULES! An actor.

    Drake Bell is one of the most creative actors of all-time. He's funny, he has his own geeky way, and has a great personalitty. I really like his songs, and he is a very good singer. Keep up the good work, Mr. Drake Bell. Your bigger than ever, and I love your show, Drake and Josh.

    Completley funny, and great at being an actor. Your one of my favorite actors. Like I said "Keep up the good work" and "Keep moving forward".

    This is my person review for Drake Bell! Keep up the good work! PEACE OUT - There Goes Halo 3
  • Great actor, great singer.

    I love his acting and his singing! His song, "I Foun A Way" is really catchy, and I listen to it all the time! ( Mostly because I watch Drake and Josh all the time ) But it's still really good!

    I felt really bad for him when he had that car accident back in Jan '06. He got banged up pretty badly. I was really sad. BUt, now he's better, and I'm feeling great!
    His acting and his singing are equal in greatness, and I can't wait to see his next acting job ( Since Drake and Josh in over ) He'll do great when he's older!
  • Drake Bell rocks!

    Anyone who thinks actors can't make it in music is dead wrong. Like Joey Lawrence & Jamie Walters for example, Drake Bell writes his own music. He gets his inspiration from The Beatles & does down to earth music. His two albums are awesome & looking forward to CD #3.

    Also, Drake plays the guitar as well. You won't catch Hilary Duff or Jesse McCartney playing an instrument.

    I'm glad that Nickelodeon is a big fan of his music, that they allow him to perform his material on Nick shows.

    I'm very proud that in 2006, Drake went from being injured in a car accident to winning a Kids Choice Award! One of the best miracle award moments since Susan Lucci's Daytime Emmy win back in 1999.

    It was very cool that Drake did a concert in Dallas on July 28. 2007.

    Hope Drake continues to make music.
  • empty

    I love Drake Bell in everything. He's such a good singer and he's a super actor. Him in Drake and Josh is so funny. He's really hot too.
  • empty

    i love watching drake in everything.
    i love his show and all his music and i think he is really hott :)
    and hes a great actor and really funny.
  • One of the greatest Nick actors of all time!

    I have followed Drake Bell from when he starred in The Amanda Show to his own show, Drake & Josh. He is probably one of the funniest and comedic guys in the world and he is strongly credited for part in the hit show, Drake & Josh, which really got me into Nick and TEENick.

    As well as being a great actor he also is a very popular single artist. He has two spectacular albums.I want to be just like him. That is why I am taking up guitar. He is one of my favourite stars in the world!!
  • Drake Bell as Drake Parker in the Nick show Drake and Josh.

    Drake Bell, what a charming boy. I'll be honest, I find Drake Bell to be cute, good looking, and everything else. He does a great job as Drake Parker in the show Drake and Josh. I find his role to be amusing. He is definetly a ladies man, unlike his brother Josh in the show. He is very talented actor, and I feel that he does a terrific job getting into character. What also adds to his talents is that fact that he plays the guitar. I think it is nice that he displays his instrumental abilities within the show.
  • Great Actor in Drake & Josh

    Where I live stays the voice the same ; Only subtitels

    It's A great Actor ; He can play ... in love ; ... hate ; ... in angry ; ... with the guitar ; and he is singer

    He have a great tallent and the theme tune for the NICK-show DRAKE & JOSH is singing by himself

    I was fan of him starded with the first Drake & Josh episode

    Drake & Josh play great together

    And he has win a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award : Best Actor

    I will hope that his carriere for a long time is

    He has tallent ; He has the carriere ; ...

  • Drake started off with the popular Nickelodeon series, -The Amanda Show- This was the beginning of his comedy acting. Then he went on to star in the even more popular nick series, -Drake and Josh-

    Drake is one of my very favorite actors. Yes, he is gorgeous, but more importantly, he is a great actor. He is great at comedy, as demonstrated in Drake and Josh. Drake is one of the only actors who can make me laugh without fail. If you're having a bad day, you might think about getting some laughs....the perfect source?? Drake Bell. Try any one of the comedies he has starred in. Not only is he a superb actor, but he's also an excellent singer/songwriter/musician. His music has a really refreshing vibe to it, and I would reccommend it to anyone looking for happy, "poppish" music. Drake Bell is amazing (as an actor AND singer/musician).
  • drake bell gets a 10 out of 10 because he is sooooooooooo hot and i am hes biggest fan and i love him.

    drake bell gets a 10 out of 10 from me because i believe that he it the hottest and most charming guy on earth.i've heard his singing and from that moment on i've been under this spell and i truely do love him and i really wish that he would post a comment on my page.i know there are other girls out there who are better than me but even though he has a girlfriend i really wish that he would leave a message on my blog or something because i am his biggesr fan!!!so please drake if you read this review for some reason please reply to me a.s.a.p your fan, fergie1993
  • I practically like him as much as Nat Wolff

    As you can see I love the singer type (ex. Nat Wolff and Drake Bell)Drake Bell has such a great voice. I want to get his cd so badly. He's also a very good actor although I hope that he's nicer in real life cause on the show he's sort of mean. But I think Its just to be funny. He is why I watch the show. I wish I could meet him so badly. And thats all now I have to fill up the rest of the space so what should I do I know I'll say I love drake!
  • empty

    He is a very talented actor and singer. I really like his style of singing and his way of acting is also very well done and I really enjoy watching him. He is very funny and most of his movies are usually very well cool. I think that he is great.
  • He's one of my favorite and i'dd like to be a musician like him.

    Drake is amazing at the guitar and thats why i'm practicing my guitar.I have tried to do songs myself but i'm kinda rought on it.It is great that he is a great actor,singer and a musician.Really awsome!it was great of him to become a star,cause i like to be a pro at the guitar.
  • Drake is the handsome actor.This is why I like Drake better than Josh.

    Drake is a great actor too and I enjoy watching Drake and Josh which happens to be the show Drake stars on but I know you people know that already.Drake is so good at acting.I will still keep watching his show on Nickelodeon along with other shows.Drake is a great looking person I just couldn`t believe he guest starred in the Spring Fling episode of Zoey 101.I was so surprised when I saw him on that episode.Zoey 101 is my other favoite show but I still like Drake and Josh and I`ll keep watching it.
  • He`s a good singer and actor

    Drake Bell is very talented. He is a great singer and a great actor. He is mostly known for his role as Drake Parker on Drake and Josh. Drake Parker is obsessed with girls, he plays guitar, and he`s in a band. He is also known for his role on The Amanda Show. He plays Tony Pajamas, Totally Kyle, and other roles. He is also in the movie Drake and Josh Go Hollywood. Drake also sang the theme song for Drake and Josh called Found a Way. Him and Josh Peck have been best friends since 1999 when they were in The Amanda Show. Drake is a very good actor!
  • Jared Drake Bell is a talented, grounded, hilarious, adorable musician/actor.

    I have always loved Drake and Josh since it came out. Which is why I'm so sad it's over. I guess every good thing must come to an end at some point. I think I kind of fell in love with Drake's charecter, (I do that a lot.) But the more I learn about him, the more I like Jared Drake Bell and the less I like Drake Parker. Drake Bell is a very talented artist in both ways he shows his asrtistic ability. Acting and music. I love music so much, so I guess I respect the music aspect of his life a little bit more. His sophmore cd, "It's only time" is really awesome in my opinion. My favorite music is classic sixties music, especially Beatles. Ever scince I was eight and discovered the phenomenon of the Beatles I fell in love with them. And still am, I seem to fall in love with any guy with the ability to write a great song and a guitar in his hand. Anyway, his new CD is so sixties Beatles with a modern, hip twist and I absolutly love it. The more I learn about this twenty year old, musician/actor, the more I find out we're alike. He seems very grounded, talented, hilarious, and just very, very, real. Did I mention he's adorable(that just makes me fall in love with him further.) And he's not skinny, he's slim, as my mom nicely puts it about my father.
  • Drake Bell is an Actor and a Musician and plays a Guitar.

    To me Drake Bell is one of the most greatest upcoming actor and singer and songwriter . He also plays a Guitar and has his own band called Drake 24/7 . He also released two albums . The first one is called Telegraph which includes the theme song of Drake & Josh - I Found A Way . The second one is called It's Only Time which includes his single I Know . He has acted in a lot of movies and shows . He has his own show with Josh Peck in nickelodeon called Drake & Josh . I would give Drake 10 in 10 and wish him best of luck .
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