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    • Drake's mother, Robin Dodson, a world champion pool player, is also a former drug addict.

    • For Drake's 22nd birthday, his Drake & Josh costar and best friend, Josh Peck, got him a book about the Beatles autographed by Sir Paul McCartney.














    • Drake likes to shop at Confederacy in Los Angeles.

    • If Drake could play any part in any film, he would play a villain in a Batman movie.

    • Drake's favorite Queens song is All Dead.

    • His favorite song that he wrote is Rusted Silhouette.

    • The first song Drake ever learned how to play on guitar is Enter Sandman by Metallica.

    • At eleven years old, Drake began to play the drums and it was the first instrument he learned how to play.

    • The new TV movie Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh was produced by Drake and his co-star, Josh Peck. The boys even did their own sound affects in the movie.

    • Drake along with Josh Peck introduced Kid Rock at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards on September 7, 2008.

    • Drake signed a TI-Nspire graphing calculators for patients at City of Hope (treatment center for things like cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases) for use in their math and science courses.

    • Drake took home the award for Breakout Male for his role in Superhero Movie at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, which were held on Monday, August 4, 2008 in California.

    • Jerry Trainor (of iCarly and Drake and Josh) was once Drake's band manager.

    • Drake directed and appeared in the episode, "Really Big Shrimp, Part 1" for Drake and Josh. This was his first and last time directing an episode for a series.

    • Drake is very close friends with the cast of Drake and Josh.

    • Drake's song Makes Me Happy was featured on the last episode of Drake and Josh.

    • Drake would rather be at home, rather than places like Hawaii or the recording studio.

    • Drake is the cousin of Heath Bell, the pitcher of the Major League Baseball team, the San Diego Padres.

    • Throughout seasons three and four of Drake and Josh, Drake's main guitars were two Gibson Les Paul Classics. In the show, he mostly used a wine red one, but in a few episodes he was seen with an ebony one. He has also been seen with various acoustic guitars and a Rickenbacker 325 throughout the seasons.

    • In 2008, Drake got nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Breakout Male for his role in Superhero Movie.

    • At the 2006 and 2008 Kid's Choice Awards, Drake (along with the other stars of Drake and Josh) took home the award for Favorite TV Show.

    • Two Squier Guitars by Fender Strat copies were seen in the Season Two episode of Drake and Josh, Guitar. There was a black one and a red one. The red one wasn't played, but instead destroyed (and replaced) by Josh.

    • Drake used a copy of a Fender Stratocaster Guitar seen throughout Seasons one and two and two episodes in Season Three of Drake and Josh.

    • Drake's new album, which is supposed to be double disced, is supposed to release in fall of 2008.

    • Drake has a new song that he performed at almost every 2008 concert. The song is supposedly called All Alone at the Disco.

    • In Drake's song, Fool The World from 2:40 to 4:01, Backhouse Mike is singing.

    • Drake performs many songs of his on his TV show, Drake and Josh.

    • Drake performed his unreleased song called Everything Is Gonna Be OK on an episode of All That.

    • In Drake's song Circles the beat boxing in it was done by Drake's Drake and Josh co-star and best friend, Josh Peck.

    • Drake's song Rusted Silhouette the name Amy is mentioned. Drake says that the name is just catchy with the tune of the song and that the name has no significance.

    • A rumor went around that Drake was dating Vanessa Anne Hudgens back in 2006 after they kissed each other in the Drake and Josh episode, Little Sibling.

    • Drake was featured in commercials and on packaging of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers in 2005. Fans had the chance to win to go see Drake perform live.

    • Drake met his girlfriend, Melissa Lingafelt, at a beauty pagent in 2006 where he was a judge.

    • Drake is currently dating Melissa Lingafelt, as of 2006.

    • To celebrate Drake's 22nd birthday, he performed a concert in Denver, Colorado. His fellow cast members of Drake and Josh were invited to it.

    • Most of the time, Drake eats fast foods.

    • Drake likes to sleep in a dark room, on his stomach.

    • One of the brand names of shoes that Drake wears is Puma.

    • The first song that Drake ever wrote was Lost A Lover.

    • Drake often helps kids who are less fortunate though organizations like Audrey Hepburn's Children's Foundation and World Mission

    • Drake has two dogs named Bubba and Steve that live in his recording studio.

    • Drake's older brother Travis is currently between 28 and 29-years-old.

    • Drake's older brother Robert is currently between 33 and 34-years-old.

    • The longest released song that Drake has ever written is Down We Fall, which can be found on his first album, Telegraph.

    • Drake's older brother Travis is in the Air Force.

    • Most of the time Drake doesn't see the final product of the episodes of Drake and Josh.

    • According to Robin Dodson, Drake's mother, Drake was 17 and 3 months old when he got his own apartment, which would have been September of 2004.

    • Drake's Albums:

      His debut album.
      Released on September 27, 2005.
      Backhouse Records.

      1. Intro, 0:27
      2. Found a Way, 3:01
      3. Circles, 4:06
      4. Somehow, 4:40
      5. In the End, 4:24
      6. Don't Preach, 3:24
      7. Hollywood Girl, 2:53
      8. Golden Days, 3:43
      9. Down We Fall, 5:49
      10. The Backhouse, 0:19
      11. Highway to Nowhere, 4:04
      12. Telegraph, 3:39

      It's Only Time
      Released on December 5, 2006.
      Universal Records.

      1. Up Periscope, 3:14
      2. I Know, 3:45
      3. Do What You Want, 3:25
      4. It's Only Time, 3:59
      5. Found a Way (Acoustic), 3:02
      6. Makes Me Happy, 2:07
      7. Fool the World, 4:44
      8. Fallen for You, 3:16
      9. Rusted Silhouette, 3:08
      10. Break Me Down, 2:06
      11. End It Good, 1:45

      Drake's Singles:

      1. Superhero! Song
      Released on April 8, 2008.
      Universal Records.

      2. Leave It All to Me by Miranda Cosgrove feat. Drake Bell.
      Released on December 18, 2007.
      Viacom International Inc.

      3. Makes Me Happy
      Released on October 16, 2007.
      Universal Records.

      4. I Know
      Released on October 17, 2006.
      Universal Records.

    • Drake is not allergic to any types of foods.

    • When Drake is at home, he goes barefoot.

    • Drake does not have a favorite year of school or a favorite number.

    • A young actress that Drake would like to work with would be Samaire Armstrong.

    • Drake's Favorites:

      Color: Orange
      Cologne: Hugo Boss for Men
      Thing About Christmas: Shopping for others
      Toy When He Was Little: Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer
      Board Game: Monopoly
      Holiday: Christmas
      Animal: Dog
      Fast Food Place: In-N-Out
      Drink at Starbucks: Grande Caramel Cappuccino
      Cereal: Frosted Flakes
      Soda: Sprite
      Pie: Pumpkin Pie
      Potato Chip: Baked Lays Potato
      Bread: Wheat
      Flavored Milk Shake: Vanilla
      Ice Cream: Rocky Road
      Dessert: Creme brulee
      Gummy Bear: Red
      Cookie: White chocolate macadamia
      Soup: Chicken Noodle
      Pizza Toppings: Pineapple and Canadian Bacon
      Sport to Watch: Baseball
      TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm
      Cartoon: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
      Type of Movie: Comedy
      Comedian: Mitch Hedberg
      Food: Italian
      Music: David Gray, The Ramones, The Clash, The Beatles, and Elvis Costello
      Movies: Happiness, Snatch, The Shawshank Redemption, Detroit Rock City, and Oceans 11
      Actors: Benicio Del Toro, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, and Phillip Seymore-Hauffman
      Role Model: John Lennon
      Room at Home: Bathroom
      Episode of Drake and Josh: Josh is Done
      Ride at Disneyland: The Haunted Mansion
      Thing to Shop For: Clothes
      Place to be: Music Studio

    • The brand of toothpaste Drake uses is Colgate.

    • Drake says that the most important song he has ever written was Telegraph, which can be found on Drake's debut album Telegraph.

    • Drake dislikes school dances.

    • The color of his bedroom walls are orange.

    • Drake enjoys shopping at Urban Outfitters.

    • For a vacation, Drake would love to visit Amsterdam.

    • It took Drake two times to get his driver's license, unlike his character on Drake and Josh, who took six times to get his driver's license.

    • Drake was featured and sung Leave It All to Me with Miranda Cosgrove in her new show, iCarly .

    • Drake is close with co-star on Yours, Mine, and Ours and Drake & Josh Miranda Cosgrove.

    • Drake's father's name is Joe Bell, but when his parents got divorced his mother married a guy named Roy back in 1995, who is now Drake's step-father.

    • Drake's shoe size is a 9.

    • Drake has brown eyes and brown hair.

    • Drake's dream car is a 1957 Corvette.

    • He likes collecting records, and the Beatles.

    • He doesn't like it when people chew with their mouths open.

    • He has been active in the entertainment business since 1995.

    • iTunes released a Radio Disney Single Edit Version of his song Makes Me Happy on October 16, 2007, which makes it his 3rd version of this song.

    • He plays brother to Miranda Cosgrove in both Drake and Josh and Yours, Mine, and Ours.

    • Drake recorded a song featuring Sara Paxton for his new movie, Superhero Movie called Superhero! Song, which can be heard during the ending credits and on his Official MySpace.

    • Drake was born at 7:32 p.m. and he was born after his due date.

    • Drake's latest album, It's Only Time was released on December 5, 2006 and features his hit single I Know.

    • He's an actor, singer, songwriter, comedian, guitarist, and a television director.

    • Drake was the host of the Nicksgiving premiere.

    • In the Drake and Josh episode Number One Fan, Drake performs an acoustic version of Down We Fall which features on his album Telegraph.

    • Drake makes a guest appearance as himself on the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 and performs Highway to Nowhere, which is a song from his album Telegraph.

    • On Drake and Josh, he performs his songs with the numerous bands that he appears with on the show, including the episodes First Crush, Blues Brothers and Really Big Shrimp.

    • Drake starred in a TV commercial for Nintendo Pokémon video game in 1999.

    • Drake had private guitar lessons from The Who's Roger Daltrey during filming of Chasing Destiny.

    • Drake's song Found a Way was co-written with Michael Corcoran and is the theme song for Drake & Josh.

    • Drake was nominated in 2000 for the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie or Pilot in the Supporting Young Actor category for his role as Cage Redding in The Jack Bull.

    • Drake was a judge for the Miss Teen USA 2006 pagent which aired on NBC on August 15, 2006.

    • Drake began playing the guitar at age fourteen.

    • Drake started acting at age five.

    • Drake attended the Orange County High School of the Arts in Santa Ana, California.

    • When he was on Double Dare, he first met Josh Peck and made fun of his high voice, but now they are close friends.

    • Drake has now fully recovered from a nearly-fatal car crash in December of 2005. After the car crash he had a fractured neck, a broken jaw, and lacerations to his face that needed over 2,000 stitches.

    • Drake's first television appearance was in a Whirlpool commercial when he was around 5 years old.

    • "The Drakester" is Drake's nickname but when he was little his nickname was "Boop."

    • Drake drives a '61 Ford Galaxie (he crashed his '66 Mustang on December 31, 2005).

    • Drake enjoyed Spanish when he was in school.

    • Drake performed Bring 'Em Out with Christian/Punk Rock band Hawk Nelson in his 2005 flim, Yours, Mine, and Ours.

    • Drake is best friends with Drake And Josh co-star, Josh Peck. They've known each other since 1999 when they were in The Amanda Show together.

    • Drake has his own record label, Backhouse Records.

    • In 1999, Drake was in a Nintendo commercial for a Pokemon video game.

    • Aqua Teen Hunger Force is Drake's favorite cartoon.

    • Drake bites his fingernails.

    • Drake's least favorite food is onions.

    • Drake's band is now called Drake Bell. It was originally called Drake 24/7.

    • Drake is 5'9.5" inches tall.

    • Drake was in the FeFe Dobson music video Don't Go (Girls and Boys) back in 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Drake Bell: (On writing "I Know") We do what we're doing now - just hang out, and things just happen. We wrote "I Know" in two hours because C.J. sat down at the piano and started playing and we just went, "What's that?" and it got written from there. I can't really pinpoint who wrote what part of each song, but I always know which parts I did, because they came out of my brain.

    • Drake Bell: (On the girls he would date) "If I date a girl, she's probably not going to be from the Hollywood crowd."

    • Drake Bell: "I am "Mr. Karaoke Guy" in the car completely. I just go with it and don't care what anyone else thinks--I'm singing, man."

    • Drake Bell: (referring to his tour mates) They're all nice people, and they do what they do well, I guess. This isn't my scene though.

    • Drake Bell: I like starting my days with an orange and a smile!

    • Drake Bell: I went to see Paul McCartney of The Beatles and cried during the whole show. If I ever met him, I'd probably faint.

    • Drake Bell: My first kiss was in kindergarten. We didn't know how to kiss! We just kind of slammed our faces together.

    • Drake Bell: Josh Peck is my best friend. I know he will always support me.

    • Drake Bell: (On love) I'm very romantic. I like candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.

    • Drake Bell: (about his worst day) I decided to go for a bike ride. I came out of the alley in front of my house, and was hit by a car... and I had stupidly forgotten to put on my bike helmet! I had scraped up my face pretty badly. I thought I'd have scars for the rest of my life.

    • Drake Bell: I love to perform and I get a kick out of being recognized.

    • Drake Bell: I was five, and my dad kind of said, 'Hey, you wanna be an actor?' and I said, 'Sure,' that kind of thing, you know? I was kind of put into it by my dad but, you know, good. I really love it, and I still do it.

    • Drake Bell: I love the instant gratification of playing live...the energy. And rock star parties are better than actor parties.