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  • On your honour...A royal battle! And some more tough trivia questions!

    Drew Barrymore is a Master of all things drama. But is she a master of battles? Let's find out now! =Drew Barrymore stands facing off against Avril Lavigne. Drew and Avril take each other down a couple notches or so with martial arts moves and some simple combat weapons, such as pikes and batons. Then, Avril and Drew end up knocking each other out simultaneously!= How does this misnomer occur one may ask Barry Watson? The answer is surprisingly simple! And somewhat amusing...Drew and Avril tried to riposte against each other at the same time using their special attacks. Avril used an Earth Element Attack. Tough Trivia Questions! 1: What Elemental Attack did Drew use against Avril? Hint: Something's growing! 2: How many TV shows and movies has Drew starred in altogether? Random Trivia Question: What would Drew Barrymore look like if she dyed her hair blue, purple or orange?
  • She keeps me laughing

    I first remembered her as that cute little baby face kid in the movie, "E.T." which is one of my classic favorites. Yes, I'm a sci-fi lover. But the years later, her acting parts seem to be pretty much the same, "the blonde, party girl."

    But when I was really impressed with her, and when I really saw her acting talent, was when she did the movie, "Ever After," which has since, become my favorite 'Cinderella Story.' I was amazed when I read her biography. With such a tough legacy to live up to and then dealing with all the emotional trauma, she still manages to keep a smile on her face in all her guest appearances and interviews. I've enjoyed her other movies, my favorites being; "Music and Lyrics," both "Charlie's Angels," "Duplex," and "Never Been Kissed." This person is a self-made woman.
  • What a great actress!

    I don't know about you but Drew Barrymore is one of my favourite actresses. She is so talented and great at acting. She is pretty, casual, and really knows how to kick some bad ass is both charlie's Angels lol! :D I hope to become an actress one day, and the reason she inspires me is because she is also a producer, and owns her own company called "Flower Films" (Cute name, huh?) She has been famous since she played Gertie in "ET : The Extra-Terrestrial." I have suprisingly not seen this fil yet, but I hope to, as it has been voted the bets family film of all time. Plus, se has a star on the Walk of Fame! Awesome! I hope everything goes well for her in the future. (n)
  • Pretty good, but not the best...

    Drew Barrymore is a very talented actress, but she isn't the best out there. In some of the movies I've seen her in, she's a shy yet perceptive woman with a very charming smile. It's so hard to believe she used to be a druggie at one time. It's also hard to believe she started her career at just 11 months!!! I can't imagine what it would be like to grow up being a movie star and not ever knowing what it's like to be a normal kid with no publicity or scripts. I can't remember the first movie I saw her in, but a couple of my favorites are: Firestarter, The Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates, and Charlie's Angels. I've also heard Fever Pitch and Lucky You were pretty good, so I hope to see them sometime soon.
  • A true survivor!!!

    Drew Barrymore is a true suvivor, comimg from a family that bsides having prominence in the acting world, were legendary for alcohlism and drug abuse. Drew's grandfather, John Barrymore was a alcoholic, that died a sad, sad parody of himself, after once being considered, one of the greatest actors on the planet. Drew's father, John Drew Barrymore was an alcoholic, drug addict, and suffered from severe mental illness. Drew's aunt, Diana Barrymore, was a suicide, at age 38. Drew, should be hailed that she survived childhood with a family history like hers. This young woman is a fantastic talent and appears to be a kind, caring person. She has herself, to thank, for who she has become, as her parents had little to do with the matter. I admire this lady so much! She has triumphed over such adversity and brought the Barrymore name back to the place it deserves in Lalaland!!!
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    Drew Barrymore is really a talented actress. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "50 First Dates."
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    She is absolutely gorgeous, and she is a great actress. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to her to cope with all that fame while only few years old. I don't know how would I do under that much preasure. Drew, on the other hand, did pretty good. She pulled through and I will always admire her for that.
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    50 First Dates is one of my all time fav.s and her and Adam Sandler were perfect together. To me, that is the movie she was born to make but there are many more classics which she is in.
  • Drew is such a great actress!

    Drew Barrymore was in E.T., and she won our hearts over. Eventhough her childhood wasn't a dream, she still managed to survive. Then she did a bunch of other good movies, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, Charlie's Angels, some horror flicks, and Charlie's Angels 2. She also took her part in voice acting in Family Guy. Drew Berrymore is one heck of an actress, I just hope that we get to see more of her in her movies!
  • Famous Charlie's Angel...

    Drew played in a lot of movies, including '50 First Dates', 'Feverpith' and 'Charlie's Angels'. The lsit is way long so....I've noticed her in 'Charlie's Angels' where she played extreme girl Dilan. I must say that Drew Barrymore can't act pretty good and her filmography isn't bad at all. I can't wat for her new movies, such as one with Hew Grant!
  • OK. I am overreacting a bit. She is not TALENTLESS. But she really needs to brush up on her acting. And her appearance.

    OK. I am overreacting a bit. She is not TALENTLESS. But she really needs to brush up on her acting. And her appearance. She was at like the Golden Globes (?) and her boobs were like drooping all over the place in the most crazy, obnoxious dress. She was OK (OKAY!) in Fever Pitch. Not very pretty and I really feel she is KIND OF underrated now, but in her Charlie's Angels days she was as overrated as a piece of cake in the African desert. I mean, God. Who rates how over/under rated she is? Me? That would be cool.
  • Drew Barrymore is a great actress. She has stared in a lot of great movies including Charlie's Angels.

    Drew Barrymore is a wonderful and gorgous person. She is such a funny woman when it comes to telling jokes.

    She has begun acting at a very young age and that has caused her to get to where she is now.

    Lots of children are inspired with her work on all those movies that she has filmed. She has inspired many children to start acting at a young age.

    Drew Barrymore's family have all been in the acting industry. That's why she is so talented.

    I hope that in the future she will get heaps of roles in different movies.
  • Hot But not on Fire

    Hot but not on Fire Rreally cute. Something in the way she moves, she is charming. She's smart and obviously has to wield some clout to do it. But there's something about her performances where Im always thinking "That's Drew, there's Drew, hey Drew." Something about her body, too, maybe the way her mouth tilts. You gotta love her. That's it. Because of history and inheritance and legacy and she's competetnt but I'm not on fire. Hollywood gets a litle inbred.
  • A checkered past lead her to where she is now.

    I really like Drew Barrymore. She is a funny lady and seems nice, despite her druggy times a while ago. She's not usually in good movies, but she adds a spot of sunshine. Also, something looked over on her, is that she has one of Hollywood's sexiest chins and lips. She's so pretty in that regard, she gets a 9.2.