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  • She keeps me laughing

    I first remembered her as that cute little baby face kid in the movie, "E.T." which is one of my classic favorites. Yes, I'm a sci-fi lover. But the years later, her acting parts seem to be pretty much the same, "the blonde, party girl."

    But when I was really impressed with her, and when I really saw her acting talent, was when she did the movie, "Ever After," which has since, become my favorite 'Cinderella Story.' I was amazed when I read her biography. With such a tough legacy to live up to and then dealing with all the emotional trauma, she still manages to keep a smile on her face in all her guest appearances and interviews. I've enjoyed her other movies, my favorites being; "Music and Lyrics," both "Charlie's Angels," "Duplex," and "Never Been Kissed." This person is a self-made woman.