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  • On your honour...A royal battle! And some more tough trivia questions!

    Drew Barrymore is a Master of all things drama. But is she a master of battles? Let's find out now! =Drew Barrymore stands facing off against Avril Lavigne. Drew and Avril take each other down a couple notches or so with martial arts moves and some simple combat weapons, such as pikes and batons. Then, Avril and Drew end up knocking each other out simultaneously!= How does this misnomer occur one may ask Barry Watson? The answer is surprisingly simple! And somewhat amusing...Drew and Avril tried to riposte against each other at the same time using their special attacks. Avril used an Earth Element Attack. Tough Trivia Questions! 1: What Elemental Attack did Drew use against Avril? Hint: Something's growing! 2: How many TV shows and movies has Drew starred in altogether? Random Trivia Question: What would Drew Barrymore look like if she dyed her hair blue, purple or orange?