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  • A good guy who fought back from depression and diabetes to shed them both.


    Drew Carey is a great guy, whose funny, who was undeservedly looked down upon when he replaced the legendary Bob Barker on The Price Is Right. Barker was old, it was going to happen eventually. Carey has made a solid replacement so far, but of course he won't serve the same place in our hearts and in show history. I understand that. And Drew does too. But back to Carey himself. He's a fighter, after he had a tough childhood. His father died when he was young, and he was left isolated from his two older brothers who were exceptionally older than him. He attempted suicide and dropped out of college but restructured himself after serving in the Marine Corps Reserves for six years. Writing comedy bits for childhood friend and DJ David Lawrence, and that restored his confidence in himself. Then he made himself to some very successful and enjoyable shows, in The Drew Carey Show and then Whose Line Is It Anyway? in 2001. He did great, and after his weight was poked fun of on his shows and in real life, he decided to shed the weight. Not only did he lose over 80 pounds, he lost his type-2 diabetes, which was great for him. He's a great man, works for a great cause, and when the current 53-year-old man decides to retire, it will definitely be a sad day in showbiz history.

  • great

    he's not really that funny from what i have seen, primarily, whose line is it anyway, but he can be funny some of the time. my favorite moment from whose line, or at least one of them, is when he was singing 3 headed broadway star and messed up. so, he can make me laugh some of the time, and he seems to be pretty talented in some areas of his profession, and so my grade for him is in the high "A" range, i consider him to be pretty funny some of the time in his shows and movies
  • One of the best.

    Drew Carey is undeniably awesome. I've really enjoyed all of his work (except for Gepetto, of course. Yuck!) But overall, he's been the star of two of my favorite shows, The Drew Carey Show and Whose Line is it Anyway? The first I was drawn to because I loved the theme song. When I actually watched the episodes, I thought they were hilarious and sadly overlooked. I loved the characters and the plots as well. Whose Line is it Anyway? is also a favorite show of mine. I love improv and Drew Carey was hilarious as the emcee of the show. All in all, Drew rocks.
  • (ANOTHER SHOW) the 2 he was in were great. Drew Carey & Who's line were awesome, and so is Drew.

    I loved the show and not just because I'm also an Indians & Browns fan, it was funny, until that season they had him married to two chicks and then it went downhill. I saw Drew, Kathy Kinney, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops and more when I was in Las Vegas and Drew was still hilarious, so was everyone else for that matter. He was a little liberal at first but he is from Cleveland. He should have another show he did well on the shows that he has been involved with and I'm sure has several more dirty minded jokes to tell.
  • Funny

    His tv show The drew carey show was very funny. So is whos line is it anyway. His glasses to me make him sand out better than most actors. Most to say his shows are all ways funny there is a dul moment in any of them Whos line is any way the most
  • OMG!!! Whoever hired Drew Carey into Hollywood is a genius.

    You couldn't stop this guy from becoming a talented, greatest celebrity he is right now. He's also smart when he was a contestant in "Who Wants To Be A Millionare" winning 500,000 dollars. He's goes for 1 Million but actually stops at where he is right now and takes 500,000 instead. What a great choice. He's also good in his acting careers. especially "Whose Line Is It Anyway." Overall a great man.
  • To bad more people do not like this kind of comedy from Drew.

    Drew Carey is one of the funniest people. I enjoyed his "whoose line it is anyway" I wish that this would of stuck around longer, however as we all know. Shows must end. I was disapointed in the Green Screen. But Drew Carey still stold the show. I wonder what other comedy shows he will try to get going next. He was wonderful in the "Deck" theme on Blue Collar TV. That was a riot. Some of the other things that he did on Blue Collar TV were also great. I miss seeing Drew on the TV. Wish he was back, and I enjoy checking to see what projects he is working on or has worked on. Go Drew Carey!
  • Drew Carey is the hottest white guy on tv.

    I LOVE chubby guys with glasses. I love to watch the Drew Carey Show and Who's Line is it Anyway and imagine taking those glasses off his face, wrapping my arms around him, and doing things that they can't show on network tv. One time on Who's Line is it Anyway they were doing a ho-down, and someone sang something about Drew stripping. I thought outloud "Man, I wish that was a true story." and then my friend was like "... You should've kept that to yourself."
  • Go Drew Carey!

    "All this energy calling me, -blah- (words I don't know) It's such a crude attitude, -blah-, -blah- Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, -blah-, -blah- All the little chicks with the crimson lips, Cleveland rocks, cleveland rocks..." - Drew Carey show theme.

    Drew Carey is awesome! He's a funny guy, and the host of Drew Carey Show, Whose Line is it Anyway, and Drew Carey's Green Screen show. Drew Carey is the short guy with glasses that will make everyone laugh! And no one should forgot his favorite things to say, "1000 Points!"
  • Funny!

    I have been a fan of Drew for quite some time and got to see him perform live recently with his tour. He did a great stand up before the show started and was great during the live show. Not to mention daring as he did the mousetrap game (100 live mice trap, blindfolded and barefoot!) My son and I got to meet him after the show and he was so super nice, no ego or anything. He didn't turn anyone away and appreciated our support. If you get a chance to see the tour, go!
  • I admire Drew Carey for his abilities on the Drew Carey show when he has a script for him to get his jokes from.

    I admire Drew Carey for his abilities on the Drew Carey show when he has a script for him to get his jokes from. And I also admire him for his ability to bring Whose Line is it Anyway to the US and to have a sitcom at the same time. But his humour on Whose Line is pathetic, he very rarely cracks a gold one in his the points don't matter just like... and he finds humour in repeating other people's jokes. When compared to the other improvisational geniuses in Ryan and Colin, he comes off as a amateur.

    As is often pointed out...any idiot could sit behind a desk call out situations and press a buzzer...
  • I love Drew Carey.

    I love Drew Carey. Everytime on Whose Line?, when I see him laugh, I start laughing and can never stop. My mom is a huge fan too. I can't see anyone not liking him. He is Great! I watch The Drew Carey Show everytime it's on. It's funny how he's always fighting with Mimi.