Drew Goddard

Drew Goddard


2/26/1975, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA

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Andrew Goddard


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    • Drew Goddard: It's amazing to get to see your imagination come to life. Sometimes you write something really crazy, kind of as a joke, and then you see them do it.

    • Drew Goddard: If you had told me when I was sitting in the classrooms in Los Alamos that I'd be doing this, I would have never believed it.

    • Drew Goddard: I'm like a kid in the candy store writing Angel. There is no one more hard-boiled and tough than Angel and that's a character we didn't have on Buffy.

    • Drew Goddard: Angel always has that noir element and I am the biggest noir geek. When I was originally talking about going to either Buffy or Angel, there was a part of me that was saying maybe I would be better suited on Angel because that's what I love. Now I get to do it and it's thrilling.

    • Drew Goddard: (referring to first writing with the "Buffy" staff) It was absolutely horrifying. It was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences but everyone was the kindest, most welcoming group of people. I was just so scared because these are the writers I adore and worship and study.

    • Drew Goddard: I'm not some unapproachable celebrity on a pedestal. I'm just like you, only I write for Angel, I have a severe drug problem, and I take a bath in money every day.

    • Drew Goddard: It's hard enough to get a job on any show, but Buffy happened to be my favorite show of all time.

    • Drew Goddard: (referring to "Buffy" staff) When they called and said they wanted to hire me, it was one of the best days of my life.

    • Drew Goddard: For the first couple of years, every show I worked on got canceled in a very short time.

    • Drew Goddard: (referring to his first job as a volunteer production assistant) I worked 16 hours a day. It was terrible, and I couldn't have loved it more.

    • Drew Goddard: I knew I loved reading and writing, and I knew I loved movies, but I don't think I realized that people wrote them. When I started looking at jobs, I realized that would be fun.

    • Drew Goddard: Growing up in Los Alamos, you don't know that you can do something like work in Hollywood.