Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden


9/24/1981, Oakland, California

Birth Name

Andrew Melvin Gooden


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Drew Gooden is a professional NBA player. Drew was drafted by Memphis, then traded to Orlando for Mike Miller. Gooden was with Magic for the 2003-2004 season, and was then traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he currently plays for.

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    • Drew: Zach and me are friends and he was going at me so I had to go back at him. It motivated me and I got up.

    • Drew: Rip Hamilton was at his best hitting those mid-range jumpers, those back-breakers.

    • Drew: If we continue to play like this, we've got to stop thinking about playoffs and start thinking about trying to edge our way into the playoffs, and we don't want to do that.

    • Drew: It seemed like every possession the ball was in Allen Iverson's hands and they were just creating with Chris Webber. It was a two-man game.

    • Drew: We know the feeling of having 30 wins at the All-Star break and not making the playoffs. We don't want that to happen again.

    • Drew: A lot of the guys are wearing the leg warmers now. I don't think they look bad.

    • Drew: (Marshall) was great for us tonight off the bench. He gave us that spurt. And he was making some backbreakers towards the end of the game.

    • Drew: I talked to the coach and we've got a back-to-back with a game (Saturday). I'm kind of nursing this injury and got out ... before it got worse. We've got a goose egg so far on this road trip and if people are really competitors on this team, they'll step up to the challenge.

    • Drew: They're a team that's going to grind it. We fought back and kept our composure. We kept executing.

    • Drew: I was doing my Donyell Marshall impersonation.

    • Drew: I've been coming doing my job and going home. That's what this has become for me. I've been in so many different awkward positions every year. I can adapt to my surroundings.

  • Drew Gooden is a great, athletic basketball player who has been a great addition to the Dallas Mavericks this season.

    Before Drew Gooden started playing for my favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks, I didn't really think much of him. I thought he was more decoration for any other team her was on - Cleveland was the main team I saw him with. But being on a team that I get the opportunity to watch on television very often has opened my eyes upon Gooden. Drew Gooden is a very athletic basketball player and hopefully has found a permanent home in Dallas, Texas. He doesn't put up those amazing 20-30 points a game, but his hustle is much appreciated by his coach, teammates, and fans. He can put up double-digit rebounding numbers with ease, and he doesn't have the worst jump shot in the league. He can play the center when Dampier's out of the game or even power forward when Dirk is out. Overall, Drew Gooden has grown to be a fan favorite in Dallas, including being a great idol for me.moreless