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  • Use to love him but...

    now I don't like him that much. He seems alittle full of himself.
  • Handsome, charming, talented...he's got it all!!!

    Drew Lachey is an amazing person! I missed the season when he was on Dancing with the Stars and I regret that, but I have heard of the band he and his brother were in (98 Degrees). As a matter of fact, I even have some CDs of theirs. If you haven't heard their music, you really should. It's really good! Drew was also the host of the show "Dance Wars." It wasn't very popular and only lasted one season, but he made a good host. He was also a wonderful replacement for Samantha Harris on "Dancing with the Stars." In my opinion, he was actually better XD
  • Did you hear? There is going to be an amazing event tomorrow, March 19th 2008 with Drew Lachey.

    OMG… Did you hear??? There is going to be an amazing event tomorrow, March 19th 2008 with Drew Lachey. I'm so excited! DREW LACHEY, former "Dancing With The Stars" champ will be performing THRILLER with the SoBe Life Water Lizards. There is suppose to be 50 dancers on stage for a special re-enactment of his title clinching Thriller routine. Lachey will also meet fans and sign autographs. In addition, SoBe Life Water simultaneously beam out the debut of a series of new lizard vignettes on nearly twenty boards in Time Square.It is tomorrow in Time Square at 9am. How cool is that? I think it is at Military Island! Make sure to bring all your friends! This is going to be a blast.
  • Drew is good-looking, but I think that Nick is definately the goregeous ONE! Good luck to Drew and Cheryl tonight :) They deserve to win and should win! Also good luck to Drew and his wife Lea on the up-coming birth of their new baby next month :)

    I think that Drew Lachey is AWESOME! For someone who started out on 98 Degrees, I bet he never thought he would be on a show like "Dancing with the Stars" Kudos to you Drew! You are an amazing dancer! "Save a Horse, Ride A Cowyboy!" YEEHAW!! :) I love DREW!!
  • Good luck, How Awesome it is to see someone from Home doing the great job you're doing. and Having fun while doing so, Good Luck, Hope YOU win

    What Awesome talent to see the two of you dance together. Can't wait to see YOU WIN.... Im sure all of Ohio is cheering for you. Cheryl and you dance Great. Whats next Drew. where do you go now. I could watch this type of talent every week non stop.