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Drew Seeley

Drew Seeley


4/30/1982, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Andrew Michael Edgar Seeley



Also Known As

Andrew Seeley, Drew Michaels, Drew Seeley
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Andrew "Drew" Seeley was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on April 30, 1982. He graduated from Lake Brantely High School in 2000. Drew did some voices for Zac Efron in "High School Musical", singing "Get'cha Head in the Game" and bits and pieces of other songs. Seeley is…more


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    • Drew: When I was younger, we had a roller skating rink by our house and I took a date rollerskating because I thought it was cool. I was trying all these moves, like these over-the-foot moves, because I wanted to impress her...and I wiped out so mant times! She thought I was just sad. She was out-skating me so bad. My pride was just killed.

    • Drew: (on if he wasn't actor, what would he be doing) I'd probably be an astronaut or an astronomer. I'm a big fan of that and we have a massive telescope in our apartment. If we ever colonize Mars, I'm going to be the first one to live there!

    • Andrew: (about his funniest high school nickname) Mine was Cute Dork. People told me I was good-looking, but I wasn't in any sports, and I was in all the theater productions, which wasn't cool.

    • Andrew: My mom had sweater syndrome. She'd buy me one and expect me to wear it the next day. And if I didn't she'd go, 'You're going to get sick. Put this on!'

    • Andrew: I'm grateful for whatever roles come my way. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't like playing the lead.

    • Andrew: (about what bugs him) People who honk their horns too much. Impatient people.

    • Andrew: (about the craziest thing he's ever done for someone) Flew cross country and showed up on a girls doorstep with a rose for her birthday. Sounds creepy I guess, but I was just trying to be sweet.

    • Andrew: To get something in the mail like a personalized Valentine's card that took someone days and days to put together, it just makes me so grateful.

    • Andrew: (about his first kiss) I was 8 or 9 and it was for a dance recital. I was the only boy in class. The teacher thought it'd be cute if I gave one of the girls a kiss.

    • Andrew: My dad is an opera singer and my mom is a choreographer. They got me into music, dance, and acting when I was 7, along with my sister.

    • Andrew: (about the weirdest place he's written a song) I've written songs on restaurant napkins. Sometimes I carry a little tape recorder around so I can record ideas as they come to me.

    • Andrew: My worst subject is math. And my dad's a banker.

    • Andrew: (on his weirdest fan moment) It's all kinda weird for me, but in Tampa my mom came to see our concert so instead of leaving on busses with the rest of the cast, my mom drove me home. And, being a proud mom, she rolled down the window and yelled "Hey everybody! Look! It's my son Drew, the High School Musical concert star!" So many fans and moms ran out into the street and surrounded our van that, when the light turned green, we couldn't go without running people over. I felt like one of The Beatles.

    • Andrew: (about his greatest accomplishment in his career) Deciding to just up and move to California. I had no family or friends out there, and hadn't finished school yet, but I just got this feeling in my bones that it was time to jump – so I did. And in this past year I've shot four movies, gotten a development deal with Last Man Standing, and written and recorded dozens of songs. Oh, and I started a production company, the Gooniez, with my partner, Nate Bosley. So, if anyone needs beats – hit me up on Myspace

    • Drew (about the HSM concert): The first place we played in Bueno Aires, we sold out two nights in a row. We were like the Beatles. It was nuts.

    • Andrew: I love the hustle. It's so difficult to break through in the industry. Everyone is ready to say no to you before you even open your mouth. Finding those few who get you and will say yes – that's exciting. (about the one thing he loves most about singing and acting)

    • Andrew: Well, I have a tremendous amount of respect for any musician, because I know how hard it is. But I especially respect an artist who writes and produces their own material, and has a hand in how it's marketed. As more and more people join your team, it's easy to sit back and let business take care of itself. But it's the stubborn musicians who hold onto their vision that have longevity. That's the kind of artist I'm trying to be. (on what he thinks makes him stand out from other artists)

    • Andrew: In 1993, I was cast in the revival of Showboat in Toronto. The show lasted a year and fell in love with performing. I had a cooler after-school job than any of the other kids at my school. (on the moment he knew what he was born to do)

    • Andrew: The immediacy of it all. The crowds' reaction. In the studio sometimes I'm so critical of myself and I lose that distance and can't tell whether what I'm doing is good or is shit. An audience will let you know. And I like that. On the flip side, I've never really had a need for attention and offstage I'm pretty introverted. But I love getting into a groove with musicians on stage and just knowing where everyone's going to go. When everyone is on the same page and just talking through their instruments – there's nothing like it. (on what his favorite part of performing live is)

    • Andrew: My parents. They've always supported my wanting to work in the entertainment business. I tend to gravitate towards music they don't like, though - I guess in rebellion. They sing opera – not exactly my forte. So, sometimes they look at me funny, but the more stuff I play for them, the more they understand what I'm trying to do. (on who has been the biggest influence in his career)

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