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  • Great at what he does.

    Great God fear'n man.
  • I think Dog is the best. I would love to meet him and do what Beth and Lyssa does. That is my Dream job.

    What a great job they do. Just love the whole show. I am the Commander of an AMVETS Post and we watch the show every Wednesday and I DVR it at home incase I am too busy at the Post. It would be so wonderful if they would do a cross country trip and allow people to meet them. There have been epsoides that have made me cry, but there are ones that I sit at home and say shot them!! I have worried about them often and then very happy about their connection as a family. Keep up the good work.
  • A real hero in a world of people who have lost their way.

    Dog Chapman is a real inspiration. He is the perfect example of how a person can turn their life around and make a positive difference in their society. He's not out to just catch criminals, he also wants to help them. He genuinly cares about people and trys to help get the ones who lost their way get back on the right path. Underneith that bad ass exterior is a gentle hearted man. Same goes for the rest of their team. Our society needs more of his kind and maybe our world would be a better place. I think its crap what the mexican government is doing and that our government is actually considering extraditing them. They should drop the charges and let them continue to make our streets a better place. Please go to www.dogthebountyhunter.com and sign the petition to Free The Dog if you havent already.
  • I think that Dog is a wonderful person.

    Dog is a handsome and dashing person. He is beautiful on the inside and outside. I get so moved everytime I watch his show. I think is is so neat how they all pray before they go out on a bounty hunt. Also, the way he talks to the people that he captures is very touching. He treats them like a person who needs help not a piece of dirt. I can tell that his family loves him very much just by watching them. I tape all his shows. When I get feeling down i like to watch them again. Keep up the good work Dog!
  • Off air

    I think the whole thing thats going on with Dog and the him saying a few bad words in a "personal" see that PERSONAL conversation is stupid.There blowing things so far out of proportion.I mean who doesnt talk crap over the phone,everyones just gonna have to get over it.He didnt do ANYTHING wrong.Unless hes thinking biblically then yes,but as far as law,and losing his job,heck no,freedom of speech,wat the crap happend to that.I guess freedom of speech only applies to certain ppl.Itd be different if he was in public and just started like talkng crap,but he didnt,and theres the differnce,case closed.Good luck Dog,and just stay in prayer,which Im sure u r,and just dont even get caught up in those news thangs.(if u even see this) alrighty ttyl.byes
  • DOG Chapman

    Dog I am NOT a racist either, but I am an old fashion southern girl and I do NOT believe in interracial relationships or marriage. if GOD intended for us to be together he would not have created different races, we would all be the same color......If I were in your shoes I would whoop your son's butt!!!!! I don't care how old he is..I think it was stupid for him to release your private phone call...... Write him out of your will.....then he will think about what it cost you!!!!! Anyway I feel that your family's affairs should not have been displayed as they were and as Granny would do take his you know what to the wood shed!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Duane Chapman is not only a racist, but an ignorant, hypocritical criminal.

    Every fraud gets exposed sooner or later in Duane "Dog" Chapman's case he was exposed sooner than later.

    I can't believe though that so many people fell for his self-righteous Christian act. I certainly didn't. I found his show to be mediocre from the start. Then when I started hearing about this so called "great guy" was wanted in Mexico for kidnapping charges but didn't want to turn himself in well I knew it was a matter of time before the fraud would be exposed.

    Then it finally happened two months when Chapman was exposed as the racist he is by his own son!!! People who are trying to make excuses for Chapman have said that everybody uses the N word but that is pure nonsense. I certainly don't use it and many others would certainly not use such a vile word with the consistency that Champman confessed to.

    To me it's just funny when to bail out someone, how people often generalize the most insane things to let somebody off the hook. No matter though as now the fraud has been exposed. Chapman's apologies were laughable at best and he still seemed angry at his son for exposing him when in fact he should be angry at himself for being a racist white man.

    Of course his show will probsbly get back on the air but when it's all said and done what greater public will remember about Chapman is that 1) He was former criminal 2) He's a racist. Whatever he did or said in between is irrelevant.

    Like so many other wannabee celebrities he tarnished his image and really when you hear his taped confession you can see really the accumulation of his racist attitude, so this wasn't a one time where he blew up, he clearly is a very racist person with anger issues (one of the few things that he actually admmited to on Larry King Live). That cannot be forgotten nor forgiven.
  • dog and his family are amazing people heir show is very entertaing whenever the show is on i cant take my eyes off the tv i have alot of respect for the chapman family keep up the good work guys

    dog and his family are amazing people heir show is very entertaing whenever the show is on i cant take my eyes off the tv i have alot of respect for the chapman family keep up the good work guys you never know one day you might just win a golden globe
  • I love dog and his family because they have helped me deal with personal family issues!! Never stop the show guys you are amazing!! He is so talented! I am gonna meet them one day I dont care what nobody says! Love Erika!

    Dog is so underrated for what he does. He helps Hawaii..and in turn..the whole world. And he loves his wife, kids and other family. Most kids want to grow up to be someone like Britney Spears or Usher...but no, not me. I want to grow up to be Dog Chapman.
  • To be able to review the shows that I have caught is impossible. That is because I have more than 50 words to say. But so far I can say the show is AMAZING. Keep up the good work guys and keep those criminals coming. NO ICE IN PARADISE.

    The first time that I had seen the show, I was not that impressed. After awhile of actually sitting and paying attention, I became really intrigued. The emotional and physical feelings that the family shows is unreal. You never see everyday cops showing those kind of feelings towards these lost souls. Thank you Chapmans for your dedication and sharing your important roles with the world. A fan til the end. Elizabeth Franco
  • Praise for the Dog from the Weasel

    Dog Chapman. Hehee, I have to honestly say that when I first saw him on T.V. he scared me. But I continued to watch the show and now I see Dog as my teacher.He taught me to give second chances, to beleive in god and he showed me that I can acheive anything If I tried and never gave up. If I had one chance to meet him, I'd thank him for all he's done for everyone and all the families he helped.
  • My Review on Duane Dog Chapman.

    Duane Dog Chapman, the worlds famous bounty hunter and loving father has taught millions people across Canada that you can be a better person and that your life doesn't have to involve drugs. He has made a great impact on my life and I would rather eat a full tub of ice cream before I resort to drugs. During my life I went though alot of emotions that was until I watched Dog the bounty hunter. Alot of kids in my school drugs and drink beer, even though i'm put under peer pressure I refuse to do any of those because I know that I can be a better person. Duane Dog Chapman is my idol and always will be.