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  • A real hero in a world of people who have lost their way.

    Dog Chapman is a real inspiration. He is the perfect example of how a person can turn their life around and make a positive difference in their society. He's not out to just catch criminals, he also wants to help them. He genuinly cares about people and trys to help get the ones who lost their way get back on the right path. Underneith that bad ass exterior is a gentle hearted man. Same goes for the rest of their team. Our society needs more of his kind and maybe our world would be a better place. I think its crap what the mexican government is doing and that our government is actually considering extraditing them. They should drop the charges and let them continue to make our streets a better place. Please go to www.dogthebountyhunter.com and sign the petition to Free The Dog if you havent already.