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    I think the whole thing thats going on with Dog and the him saying a few bad words in a "personal" see that PERSONAL conversation is stupid.There blowing things so far out of proportion.I mean who doesnt talk crap over the phone,everyones just gonna have to get over it.He didnt do ANYTHING wrong.Unless hes thinking biblically then yes,but as far as law,and losing his job,heck no,freedom of speech,wat the crap happend to that.I guess freedom of speech only applies to certain ppl.Itd be different if he was in public and just started like talkng crap,but he didnt,and theres the differnce,case closed.Good luck Dog,and just stay in prayer,which Im sure u r,and just dont even get caught up in those news thangs.(if u even see this) alrighty ttyl.byes