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  • Duane Chapman is not only a racist, but an ignorant, hypocritical criminal.

    Every fraud gets exposed sooner or later in Duane "Dog" Chapman's case he was exposed sooner than later.

    I can't believe though that so many people fell for his self-righteous Christian act. I certainly didn't. I found his show to be mediocre from the start. Then when I started hearing about this so called "great guy" was wanted in Mexico for kidnapping charges but didn't want to turn himself in well I knew it was a matter of time before the fraud would be exposed.

    Then it finally happened two months when Chapman was exposed as the racist he is by his own son!!! People who are trying to make excuses for Chapman have said that everybody uses the N word but that is pure nonsense. I certainly don't use it and many others would certainly not use such a vile word with the consistency that Champman confessed to.

    To me it's just funny when to bail out someone, how people often generalize the most insane things to let somebody off the hook. No matter though as now the fraud has been exposed. Chapman's apologies were laughable at best and he still seemed angry at his son for exposing him when in fact he should be angry at himself for being a racist white man.

    Of course his show will probsbly get back on the air but when it's all said and done what greater public will remember about Chapman is that 1) He was former criminal 2) He's a racist. Whatever he did or said in between is irrelevant.

    Like so many other wannabee celebrities he tarnished his image and really when you hear his taped confession you can see really the accumulation of his racist attitude, so this wasn't a one time where he blew up, he clearly is a very racist person with anger issues (one of the few things that he actually admmited to on Larry King Live). That cannot be forgotten nor forgiven.