6/23/1984, Gwynedd, Wales

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Aimee Anne Duffy


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Amiee Anne Duffy, also known as Duffy, was born in Gwynedd in wales. She grew up in a town near Haverofrdwest, and attended Sir Thomas Picton public school. And after coming runner up in a welsh singing competition. Soon ofter she was recognised and signed. She released Mercy…more


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    • Duffy: (explaining how she set fire to her hair just moments before meeting Chris Martin) I was in the dressing room and I had dimmed the lights, then I lit this candle and it started melting a bit. I thought, 'Shit!' and started blowing it out. I got a cloth to wipe it and bent down, not realizing it was still lit. Then the entire left side of my hair went up in flames. It was really bad and properly embarrassing. Chris could smell it. You couldn't avoid smelling it.

    • Duffy: (revealing she was struggling with fame in October 2008) As a girl, I thought I was superhuman. But I'm bordering on a nervous breakdown. The scary thing is this feels like just the beginning. It would be easy to become a recluse. I have sold my soul and I'm no longer anonymous. It can be really frightening when there are 15 lads on one side of the pub and a gang of girls on the other who all want your photo. I walked into a restaurant in Italy and there were 30 lads in there chanting at me. I'm never calm anymore.

    • Duffy: The song "Mercy" is autobiographical and is about sexual liberty and not doing something somebody else wants you to do.

  • duffy is a talented person who deserves to be reconised by the public for what she loves.

    amiee anne duffy, is a great singer. she came from a small welsh town and is no travleing letting people hear her music. i personally like her because she wants to bring back to old and mix it with the new so we all don't forget the music that inspired the music today. she came from a town near me and went to the same public school as i am currently attending. the schoolteachers that her the oppotunity of teaching her are supporting her through her career. she is very musically talented. she lost a welsh singing compertion but came through it a while after with a conract ans the realese of Mercy. since then she has realeased her album rockferry and another single warwrick avanue. all of which are great.moreless