Dulce María

Dulce María


12/6/1985, Mexico City, Mexico

Birth Name

Dulce Maria



Also Known As

Roberta, Dulce Maria
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Dulce Mara (born Dulce Mara Espinoza Savin, December 6, 1985) is a Mexican actress and singer, born in Mexico City, Mexico. Dulce Mara began her acting career as a child. She made her first television appearance at the age of eight, in Plaza Sesamo, the Mexican version of…more


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  • This review is a bit about Dulce Maria as I view her. I have been following her career for a few years, but probably not as long as many of her fans, especially those in Mexico. The Rebel classification is just to be catchy like her novela Rebelde.moreless

    Dulce Maria: A beautiful, charming, down to Earth, very talented actress and musician. Most people know her from the show Rebelde or the group itself, RBD. She has the voice that stands out more, but is a bit "whiny" as people put it. It may be whiny, but at least she really sings. Don't believe it? Watch Rebelde. They do acapella a few times, and listen to the RBD Live in Hollywood album. -My Take On Dulce And Her Acting

    I had started to follow Dulce Maria since the days of the novela, Clase 406, when she played Marcela, one of Gabriella Chavez's (Sherlyn Diaz) close friends. If you ever watch Dulce act, you see a fire and a passion inside of her. She really gets into the roles she plays. Dulce normally has that "up in your face" type of role, where alot of times she will be blunt and lay it on the line, but can be sensitive and supportive for friends and family. Her most popular role came from being Roberta Pardo on the hit novela Rebelde. Roberta was a firey type and spunky girl which fits the word Rebelde (Rebel). Dulce is always on point with her acting, and she seems to give it her all. She brings her characters to life, and leaves an everlasting impression on people. People who watch will either love her or hate her. There is no lukewarm inbetween with her. As far as her new role as herself on RBD: La Familia, Dulce again brings her upbeat and spunky personality to her fictional lifestyle on the show (It airs on Univision every Saturday at 2 pm, I encourage you to at least check out one episode for yourself). She also does not hog the spotlight, and shares it well with her bandmates/co-stars. So far Dulce has brought comedy, some drama, and alot of laughs to me on her new role. She's real, she's talented, she has the passion, she puts her all into it and does her best to entertain.

    -Dulce And Her Singing

    Dulce was part of a band named Jeans back in 2000. I had not followed her since then, but had heard a few of her songs from Clase 406, and eventually discovered RBD. When she sings, her voice stands out above the other girls. While it can be a bit whiny at times, Dulce gives the singing her all, and does indeed sing from the heart. She is actually quite talented. She does sing, and it has been shown on both her novelas and concerts/albums. Dulce brings cheers from the crowd, and brings a fire and alot of fun. Quiero Poder is probably one of my favorite songs, which is one of her solo songs. Basically it's a song about a girl who wants a guy to love her for who she is, not what she has. Your typical pop song. Also, Dulce and all of RBD bring a style of their own to the pop world, and for this reason, she is pretty much in a #1 group.

    In conclusion, Dulce has quite the talent to continue to be successful as an actress and a singer. While her voice may not be the best in the world, it is definitely up there in talent. As for her acting, I would put her in my top 5. I hope this review helps. Please don't be too harsh, this is my first review I've ever written on a person. :P


    Acting: 10

    Singing: 9moreless
  • Dulce Maria is so hot and beautifull actress !!!

    Dulce Maria is so hot and beautifull!!! I know her of course from the tv show 'Rebelde' where she plays Roberta, which is my fav character (of course) !!! This girl really can act, and also she has an AMAZING voice !!! Dulce is very original, too ! The character which she plays in 'Rebelde' is very outgoing and not that kind! Roberta is very confidence and she has courage, thet's why I love Roberta!!!moreless