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Dustin Clare is a Logie Award winning Australian actor. Who was born and raised in the country New South Wales on the East coast of Australia. Dustin starred as Riley Ward on the series Mcleods Daughters For which he won the silver Logie for most popular new male…more


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  • Trivia

    • Dustin co-wrote as well as starred in the 2009 film Early Checkout.

    • Dustin not only stared in the 2008 film Cane Cutter he also wrote, directed, and produced the project.

    • Dustin Clare was nominated for the Silver Logie, in 2009 for Most Outstanding actor, for his role in the Australian drama Satisfaction.

    • Dustin won the 2007 TV Week Logie award for 'Most Popular New Male Talent' for his role in McLeod's Daughters.

    • The worst jobs that Dustin have ever had are washing windows and being a lab assistant.

    • Dustin is 24, he is a Capricorn and is single. He loves the beach and he lives in Adelaide on the beach.

    • Dustin studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). To fund his studies, he waited tables, cleaned windows, taught and even poured gold. "I used to pour a bar worth $100,000," he said.

    • While on Holidays in Bali, Dustin rescued a man from drowning but does not like to discuss it.

    • Before becoming an actor Dustin was a trainee lab assistant at NSW Agriculture.

    • Before joining the McLeod's cast in South Australia, Dustin prepared himself by working on a farm in Geelong, Victoria, immersing himself in bush culture and the ways of the land.

    • Dustin has fractured his wrist after stacking it after falling off his motorbike but as yet hasn't fallen off a horse.

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  • Dustin Is a Sexy Beast

    There is no man on earth as charming and gorgeous as Dustin Clare. He is definitely my dream guy. I'm a sexy goddess myself, if the show ever needs a Gannicus love scene I would volunteer my services. A Sacrifice in the best interest of the show of course, hee hee. <3
  • Nicole edmonds

    I like gannicus from spartacus war of the damned he,s amazing guy with crixus need more respondible listening to spartacus words