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  • Revealed...

    I understand that Dustin is having problems in life after all SBTB classes. That "Screech" role should not have been given to him because it does not make him any good at all. Now it has been revealed that Dustin is have mental disorder problems. This is a good time for him to meet a mental therapist right away.
  • Dustin Diamond another victim of Hollywood

    Dustin Diamond is yet another victim of Hollywood and the way is uses people and then casts then out

    He had the same misfortune that Gray Coleman; his Father spending all his money. Being typed cast is his Screech role and not be given the chance to prove himself as an actor when he went for other roles.

    Given his money troubles and that Hollywood, the Media and some of his former co-stars given him s*** for the porn he made (Like he the only person in Hollywood that did a porn video: Sylvester Stallone, Pamela Anderson homemade porn video, etc...)

    Let's not forget about Elizabeth Berkley and Hollywood and the Media given her the same for showing her rack before it was in fashion in Hollywood.

    Dustin Diamond behavior show that the worst drug in the world isn't the ones you find on the street, but the one and only one Hollywood offer. FAME
  • dustin diamond reeks

    dustin diamond is a washed-up never was and a poor excuse for a human being. why someone on celebrity fit club didnt deck him ill never know. too bad the rating meter doesnt go lower than zero because thats what i would rate him. he should have been kicked off the show. he never deserved all that attention. a a a a a a a a a a a aa aa a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • I would rather know him as Screech.

    Dustin may not want us to remember him as Screech, but that's what I prefer. Screech was a better person than I've seen him on the Celebrity Fit, etc. This is ridiculous. The book he is writing will just make him go further down the drain. No wonder he didn't fit in with the rest of them very well. His attitude and language is so rude and disrespectful. I'm disappointed to know someone I could look up to back then in SBTB is someone I can't look up to any more, and I'm 5 years younger than he is. Screech was willing to do anything for anyone even tutoring Kelly, dancing with Lisa who had a sprained ankle, to name a few. It seems to be all about him, but he is making it worse not better.
  • This actor is talented for acting as a nerd, but after his role was not popular in the original class, he insisted to quit playing a nerd. But then, he was forced not to quit being a nerd. He was brought into the new class and gained popularity in there.

    Dustin Diamond was not popular in the original class, but when he was brought into the new class, he was more popular, even if the new class was not popular as the original. His role as Screech wanted to be popular in the original class, but he cannot make common sense and the original class was too strict and demanding on him. After the original class ended, the new class began and when he came back, his role was popular. The reason why the new class, even if it not as popular as the original class, should come back because of him.
  • Dustin Diamond at Funny Farm in Ohio

    I would just like all yall to know that I seen him on Saturday at the Funny Farm in Niles Ohio and he was amazing very very very funny and really mature he is not the same Screech we knew back then he is much more what a great guy so all yall that are giving him a hard time need to rethink all that we were very entertained by Mr.Diamond and so was the rest of the audience if by chance he comes to a town near you you should go and watch the show it was great I know you will enjoy it
  • Anyone watching Celebrity Fit Club knows how big of an A$s hole the real Dustin can be.

    I never really cared for Dustin Diamond. Saved by the bell was a great show and so is Celebrity Fit Club. But, Dustin never made thosse shows. Dustin was a very big as$ hole on Celebrity Fit Club. He's is ignorant about everything. Espically to the panel on CFC about how to lose weight and be healthy. Sure, he is lossing weight and all but he's not doing it the healthy way. He's rude to everyone on the show. And, then when he told the cast mates that the "sex tape" almost ruined his relationship with his girlfriend and then both of them are at the porn convention. What an A$$. So yeah i tottaly do NOT like this guy at all.
  • Dustin is so degrading and disrespectful of others it makes me nauseated. Can't believe he turned out this way.

    I recently saw Dustin on Celebrity Fit and I was so disappointed in how he has turned out. I have watched Saved By The Bell since I was a young child. Dustin seems to want to forget about playing Screech but I've got news for him the Screech character is a much better man than Dustin will ever be. I hope and pray that he will realize what kind of person he is and want to change. I hope he gets this review.
  • There's Something Wrong Here

    I have never wanted to write a review on a person before. Never felt the desire. Until now. I got sucked into the Celebrity Fit Club marathon on VH1 last night because of the unbelieveable drama that is Dustin "Screech" Diamond. After sitting thru these episodes, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had already figured that he was a washed up loser, but I had no idea how far gone from reality he actually is. Some of his shenanigans and words just left me speechless.

    Where to begin?. Dustin is Screech. That's it. That's all he is and all he ever will be. He can't do or be anything else, so he is going to jump on this reality show bandwagon and try to stand out. If nobody gives a rat's behind about him, he will do anything to stand out, even if that means being a total boob. As I watched Dustin fall deeper and deeper into his own black abyss, I realized that he isn't just an idiot with nothing going on. I realized that there was something off balance in the mental department. After some time, you wished they had let Harvey off his leash. Now that would of been a show!. In the end, Dustin created/started everything for no reason other than exposure to himself. If he had few fans to begin with, he has even less now. Hope he doesn't count on them to buy T-shirts to help save his house again!. He cares about no one except himself, and doesn't care to attack and bash everyone in order to put the spotlight on himself. He was one of the most, if not THE most, sickening, vile person I've seen. I grew up on Saved By The Bell. No way will anyone watch that show again the same way.
  • yuck!

    this guy sucks, after watching his personality on celebrity fit club i've never seen someone so full of crap. he leaves every week, he bashes everyone, he's overly defensive and hypersensitive. i have never seen some one act so ugly before. i'm finding it difficult to reach 100 words because he can be summed in 2: he sucks. who would've thought screech from such a loveable show would be such a bitter, angry, vindictive person? not that i ever liked screech either but my heavens, dustin diamond is a creep. he sucks, he sucks, he sucks, he sucks. that's all.
  • Dustin is a jerk!

    Dustin Diamon is such a JERK! I see him every week on Celebrity fit Club and talks trash about everyone even his own team! But then when they confront him he can't back it up! Not only is he mean to his cast he is rude to the judges when they try to get him to lose wieght or help him he starts I don't need your help! Then why are you even on the show! He is also mean to one of the nicest people on that show Kim who never was mean to him I think he is doing this all for tv to try to make it big in reality tv I rate Dustin Diamond a 2.3 JERK!
  • We love him as Screech on saved by the bell, but as Dustin Diamond gets older, his talent seems to fade.

    Dustin Diamond is an interesting person, to say in the least. He played the lovable Screech on Saved by the Bell, but has yet to play another interesting character. As he gets older, he is trying to run away from his goodie goodie image he portrayed on Saved by the Bell. Because of this, he is doing rather dumb things, such as releasing a sex tape. I think he has great potential, but doesn't rise to the best of his abilities. Maybe if Dusty embraced his Screech franchise then he would be a bigger star. The world may never know.
  • Pulled off the look

    Dustin Diamond is a really classy guy who also pulled off the screech look. He also beat up another
    nerd with no sympathy what so ever, he is such a geek and they should use him more on some other shows.
    I'm for a Saved By The Bell Reunion Show!