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  • Dustin Diamond another victim of Hollywood

    Dustin Diamond is yet another victim of Hollywood and the way is uses people and then casts then out

    He had the same misfortune that Gray Coleman; his Father spending all his money. Being typed cast is his Screech role and not be given the chance to prove himself as an actor when he went for other roles.

    Given his money troubles and that Hollywood, the Media and some of his former co-stars given him s*** for the porn he made (Like he the only person in Hollywood that did a porn video: Sylvester Stallone, Pamela Anderson homemade porn video, etc...)

    Let's not forget about Elizabeth Berkley and Hollywood and the Media given her the same for showing her rack before it was in fashion in Hollywood.

    Dustin Diamond behavior show that the worst drug in the world isn't the ones you find on the street, but the one and only one Hollywood offer. FAME