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    • Dustin: When all is said and done I'm going to look back on my career... and I'm going to be proud of it all.

    • Dustin: Screech and I have a lot in common. We are both strange, funny, interested in computers, good at chess, and chick magnets.

    • Dustin: I hope people stop remembering me as Screech and remember me as Dustin Diamond. I think my stand-up routine is helping that.

    • Dustin: A lot of people do stand-up comedy in hopes of landing a television series. Well, I'm just the opposite. I've already had a TV series and now I'm doing stand-up. If this doesn't work, soon I'll be doing security with Gary Coleman.

    • Dustin: (about Kimberly Locke) To me, Kimberly is a loser on another show.

    • Dustin: (On Saved by the Bell stardom) It was kind of unfathomable. Ya know, it was almost like we were rock stars.

    • Dustin: (About Saved by the Bell fan mail) I got sent weird, weird stuff. One girl sent me body fluid, hair, an article of clothing and a personal possession to make a voodoo doll. I got one where this guy was saying he was depressed because he had written Tiffani and she hadn't written him back and he was gonna kill himself.

    • Dustin: (On being Saved by the Bell's outcast) It was hard for me, I didn't wanna hang out with the rest of the cast that much.