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Dustin started acting on stage, (with his mom & dad) both A.E.A. Union Actors. At age 12 Dustin decided to move onto Film & Television. Although his dad supported him, he warned him of the difficulty in landing an Agent. His father remembered when he tried at age…more


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    Dustin is my cousin. It so wierd seeing him on the big screen. Im proud of him beyond all belief and i love him dearly. I miss him at the same time. he is a wonderfull cousin and we use to be close. or close as to what i considered. He attempted to teach me how to play the guitar. He is such a talented actor im glad he is able to grow up and follow his dreams. haha and PS dustin. thanks for the birthday money. idk if you got my message but i hope you call me soon to catch up. i love you =] and everyone haha go see his new movie when it comes out. miss january. its going to be amazing. im taking all ym friends and making a party out of it. =]moreless
  • congrats from someone who was impressed with Dustin before the rest of the world was.

    I breifly knew Dustin in elementary school. Ok, not really, he was in sixth grade when i was in Kindergarten. But i think he knew me; i am the previous pastor's kid, eveyone knew me. Anyways, even though i was in Kindergarten at the time, i remember his role in Dead Dog Gulch, and he was AMAZING. His acting made a lasting impression on me, so when i thought i recognized him on Unfabulous i immediately rushed to my yearbook and found his picture. I am so glad that he is glorifying God in hollywood, especially on nickelodeon since so many kids watch that channel. I would like to congratulate him on his success, and encourage him to continue onto bigger things that will help him get God's message out into the world. - Victoria Jurkowskimoreless