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    • Dustin: (After landing a role in In the Land of Women) I don't know if it's the work I've been doing or more just growing up. When I first came down, my dreams of being an actor were really based on simple stuff, like getting your head shot taken, having people talk about you.

    • Dustin: Ever since I was a little kid this [acting] has always been in my mind - I've always wanted to be that guy up on screen.

    • Dustin: People talk about the craft, and I'm very much against the use of that word - if you can find me a certificate that says 'actor' like you can 'carpenter,' then maybe.

    • Dustin:(Comparing "90120" and "Runway") It's such a different show and dynamic. Everybody's young and in high school. It's a lot different than the family dynamic we had on Runaway, not to mention being in different locations. Shooting in L.A. is much different than shooting in Toronto. As much as I love the Toronto crew and city of Toronto, man I wanna go back there really bad. I had such a sick apartment…it was such as sick sick bachelor pad. But it's cool because everyone on Runaway got along, and it's surprising to me how well everyone here is getting along considering the potential for ego driven drama to really shake things up. Everyone's just really chill and relaxed. We make fun of all the older stars and knock their books of their hands and put "Kick Me" signs on their back. Rob [Estes] and Lori [Loughlin] are so much fun. Jessica Walters is such a blast to work with. Even the crew is having a lot of fun because its such a young cast. But the older cast is, for lack of a less cheesy expression, is young at heart. It's just a fun environment to walk into everyday.

    • Dustin:(About his episodes of "Supernatural") I had heard a lot of really, really good things about, not only Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles], but the entire crew at Supernatural. People said it was a lot of fun to work on. But being there in Vancouver for about five years, I had only auditioned a couple of times for it, but I had never booked a job. When this one came up, I freaked out, just because of the way we were shooting it. There was no crew. Like, they were outside our set on the stage, but we had 360 degree closed sets. So we were constantly alone on each set so it really helped to get into character a lot better. And then, the improvisation that we were allowed to do and the freedom that we had while shooting was an experience that I'll never forget. I actually just was hanging out with Travis [Wester] and A.J. [Buckley] who played Ed and Harry yesterday. Yeah, you know, that's something too that, if possible in the future, I'd love to continue that storyline with Corbett and with the rest of those guys because, honestly, it was such a blast. Such a blast

    • Dustin: (About the coolest part of 90210) I think the coolest part about it-obviously, there's a lot of hype and it's pretty neat to be driving down any street in Hollywood and see a huge billboard of yourself-but I think, beyond that, the coolest part is just how well everyone is getting along, the cast and crew, and how much genuine fun we're having every day when we come into work. You know, sometimes we'll have a lot of crazy long hours and we're working to six in the morning, but ultimately, we're enjoying each other's company and enjoying experiencing this crazy ride, this journey, together. I think that's kind of rare to have a cast that gets along as well as we have so far, and I hope that that continues for every season that we have from now on.

    • Dustin: (On his character on 90210) Ethan Ward, as you say, is the jock. I'm calling him the king of jocks, but that's just because I'm into myself. He's the star lacrosse player at the high school. He's one-half of the golden couple at the high school, which is himself and Naomi Clark, played by AnnaLynne McCord. He's kind of got this good thing going on, and then when the Wilson's come into town, specifically, Annie Wilson, she kind of shakes things up and there's some sparks there, thus creating a bit of a triangle.