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    • Dustin:(Comparing "90120" and "Runway") It's such a different show and dynamic. Everybody's young and in high school. It's a lot different than the family dynamic we had on Runaway, not to mention being in different locations. Shooting in L.A. is much different than shooting in Toronto. As much as I love the Toronto crew and city of Toronto, man I wanna go back there really bad. I had such a sick apartment…it was such as sick sick bachelor pad. But it's cool because everyone on Runaway got along, and it's surprising to me how well everyone here is getting along considering the potential for ego driven drama to really shake things up. Everyone's just really chill and relaxed. We make fun of all the older stars and knock their books of their hands and put "Kick Me" signs on their back. Rob [Estes] and Lori [Loughlin] are so much fun. Jessica Walters is such a blast to work with. Even the crew is having a lot of fun because its such a young cast. But the older cast is, for lack of a less cheesy expression, is young at heart. It's just a fun environment to walk into everyday.