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    • Dustin: (on being a teen idol on 21 Jump Street) Well, it was the second season of the show, and all this fan mail would come in. I remember we made our first public appearance for a photograph session inside a mall, and, you know, it was out of control. I've never experienced anything like that before. When we came out, people were screaming and totally going ballistic. People were saying, "Oh, I idolize you," and, you know, that's great. What's not great about that? But what's so confusing is that no one teaches you how to react to things like this. Johnny [Depp] was obviously the real heartthrob of the show, but the guys on the show were a tight-knit group so there was no rivalry. We all just felt, "Geez, people love us." And, for me, people said, "Wow, it's great to see an Asian on TV." And I thought that was great too.