Dwayne Hickman





5/18/1934 , Los Angeles California USA

Birth Name




Dwayne Hickman started acting at the age of 6, following in the footsteps of his older brother, Darryl. He had small roles in movies and television throughout his teen years, but his big break came when he was cast as Bob Cummings’ nephew in Love That Bob. Dwayne sees his years on the show as a training camp where he learned from such masters of comedy as Bob Cummings, George Burns and Jack Benny. In 1958 Dwayne snagged the leading role in a new series, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, still playing a teenager, even though he was well into his 20s. After the series ended Dwayne tried different jobs in the entertainment industry, finally becoming an executive for CBS television. Since the 1980s Dwayne has made two Dobie Gillis reunion movies and a few other projects as an actor. Dwayne has always loved art and architecture. He is an accomplished artist, usually painting houses and other buildings. His paintings are on display at galleries across America and for sale on his web site.