Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson


5/2/1972, Hayward, California, USA

Birth Name

Dwayne Douglas Johnson



Also Known As

Dwayne, Rocky Maivia, The Rock, Dwayne Douglas, Flex Kavana, Pidlaoan Rock, Rocky Maiava
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Born may 2, 1972 Dwayne Douglas Johnson aka "The Rock" or "Rocky Maivia" of WWE fame towers at 6'4 and weighs in at 270lb's. He attended high school at Freedom High School Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he lettered in track and football, he also attended University of Miami where…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A good actor, really.

    Handsome. Great as "The Rock".
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one awesome actor and wrestler

    I think that this dude is awesome and I loved his wrestler name "The Rock". It was great that he returned to WrestleMania but it kind of disappoints me because he said back in 1999 that he would not return to WrestleMania no matter what but if that's what he wants then I'm very happy and he is an awesome wrestler and an awesome actor. What I love about this dude is that even though he is a huge buff dude... he loves to do kid movies. I love all of the movies that he has done and I think the only movie that I found entertaining but not good was "Faster". "Faster" was an entertaining movie and the plot was well written but some parts in that movie just seemed to drag in my opinion. I loved his kid movies such as "The Game Plan", "Planet 51", "Tooth Fairy", and one or two more. I loved the comedy "The Other Guys" that he was in even though he was only in that movie for the first 10 minutes and I especially laughed out loud at the film "Get Smart". Excuse my language in this part, I thought that he kicked @$$ in "Fast Five" which was the most explosive action film that Dwayne Johnson was in. Overall, this dude is huge and awesome and definitely cares about his fans and isn't a show-off. 10/10moreless