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  • A good actor, really.

    Handsome. Great as "The Rock".
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one awesome actor and wrestler

    I think that this dude is awesome and I loved his wrestler name "The Rock". It was great that he returned to WrestleMania but it kind of disappoints me because he said back in 1999 that he would not return to WrestleMania no matter what but if that's what he wants then I'm very happy and he is an awesome wrestler and an awesome actor. What I love about this dude is that even though he is a huge buff dude... he loves to do kid movies. I love all of the movies that he has done and I think the only movie that I found entertaining but not good was "Faster". "Faster" was an entertaining movie and the plot was well written but some parts in that movie just seemed to drag in my opinion. I loved his kid movies such as "The Game Plan", "Planet 51", "Tooth Fairy", and one or two more. I loved the comedy "The Other Guys" that he was in even though he was only in that movie for the first 10 minutes and I especially laughed out loud at the film "Get Smart". Excuse my language in this part, I thought that he kicked @$$ in "Fast Five" which was the most explosive action film that Dwayne Johnson was in. Overall, this dude is huge and awesome and definitely cares about his fans and isn't a show-off. 10/10
  • One of the best wrestlers ever!

    Dwayne "The Rock" John was a former Professional wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation along with World Wrestling entertainment. he worked for the RAW brand of both of these two shows. The Rock Johnson was born in 1972.
    He Made his debut in 1996. His amazing Charisma sky rocketed him straight to the top of the charts.
    His three famous sayings were very popular. this saying were: "If you smeeeel what the rock is cooking", "But my name is _____ It Does'nt matter.. what your name is", and my favorite, "The Rock says...Know your roll"! The rock was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.
  • The Rock is the man! Don't forget your first fans that need you back in the ring occassionally. Vince McMahon rarely makes mistakes in wrestling, but losing "The Rock" was his biggest blunder.

    The Rock is the best in whatever he pursues. Without a doubt, a pure entertainer with limitless talent. I have enjoyed everything he has done, respect his desire to grow, but I can't enjoy wrestling without him. He has proven his versatility. I just ask you Mr. Johnson to please, don't completely end your wrestling career. I hope you can perform occasionly for your original fans that have supported you throughout your career. Mr. Johnson, please go back to your favorite barbershop and pickup some new smack talk for your fans.I always thought you would come back, don't let me down!
  • I love WWE, so I used to see a lot of him.

    The Rock is an actor who used to be a professional wrestler for WWE. He was my favorite wrestler of all time and still is, but then he decided to start acting. I would much rather see him wrestle, but it's alright. He is a really good actor and starred in some really good movies, such as "The Rundown", "Walking Tall", and in one of the "Mummy" movies as the mummy, but I'm not sure which one. He seems like one of those guys who should have a talk show (If you watched him on WWE, then you will understand why).
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the Most Electilfing man in sports Entertainment and now in Hollywood.

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the Most Electilfing man in sports Entertainment and now in Hollywood. Dwayne, a 3rd generation wrestler his grandfather is the late great High Chief Peter Maivia and his father is Rocky Johnson. Dwayne has a lot of charisma, speed, agitly, has great mic skills, and he can wrestle. Dwayne has had great rivales with Vince and Shane McMahon, Triple H, Mankind( a lot of great memories) and the best one of all Stone Cold Steve Austin they have head lined 3 Wrestlemanias, the greatest rivalry in history. Dwayne has done some of the best promos ever. He also created some of the greatest catchphrase ever like laying the Smackdown on your candy ass. Smackdown is now in the dictionary. Shut Your Mouth, Finally! The Rock has come back to... What's your name?
    Person: I'm ...
    The Rock: (interrupting) It doesn't matter what your name. Dwayne is a 7 time WWE champion, a 2 time WCW champion, 2 time IC champion, a 5 time tag team champion(3 with mankind as The Rock and Sock Connection)(1 time with the Undertaker)(1 time with Chris Jericho) Dwayne has had success in and out of the ring. He now is a actor he has done 9 movies with eight being successful. I hope He returns to the WWE had wrestles Stone Cold, John Cena(imagine the promos) and Shawn micheals could go down as a match of the century.
  • The Rock Is an all time great, a future Hall Of Famer. He had More than his fair share of sucess and has moved on Which is His choice And Not The Choice Of those Who claim he's a Trader

    The Rock has entertained us for years. and was my favorite wrestler as a kid. He started off In The nation Of Domination and soon worked his way up to greatness feuding and having classin matches with the likes of Stone cold Steve Austin,Kane,The Undertaker,Hulk Hogan,Triple H,and More,He's also one of the most successful wrestlers in my opinion being a seven time WWE champion,a two time WCW champion, two Time Intercontinental champion, and five time Tag Team Champion,and the 2000 Royal Rumble Winner.The Rock Will always Be The Great One and The Most Electrifying man in Sports Entertainment there simply is No replacement for the rock
  • "If you smell what the Rock is cookin" ... that is what made The Rock first popular. Dwayne Johnson was one of the best ever wrestlers in WWF/WWE. He was a main character in the attitude era, and he helped WWF/E defeat WCW.

    "If you smell what the Rock is cookin" ... that is what made The Rock first popular. Dwayne Johnson was one of the best ever wrestlers in WWF/WWE. He was a main character in the attitude era, and he helped WWF/E defeat WCW.

    Then he moved over to Hollywood and I must say that his movies were one better than the other. He started with small roles and then began having main roles. I enjoyed his last movie "Game Plan" a lot. Looking forward to any upcoming movies he might have.

    I think that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is definitely the most successful wrestler ever.
  • Dwayne Johnson is turning out to be not just a good wrestler but a really good actor :)

    I have to say that Dwayne Johnson was the only wrestler that I folowed when I was a young girl. I am not into wrestling but Dwayne Johnson as an actor, I have to say that he is great. We have been seeing a lot of new movies by him and the best thing of all that all the movies that are coming out are really good and really worth watching. Dwayne Johnson has done some really great movies like Gridiron Gang and one of his latest Game Plan. I have to say that Dwayne is really great and one of my favourites. Dwayne Johnson is The Rock!
  • The Rock is also a great wrestler.

    The Rock was a classic wrestler. He had a feud with Stone Cold. I also like his Rock Bottom and the People Elbow. The Rock is the People`s Champ. He also had a lot of quotes. My favorites are If ya smellllllllllllllllll what The Rock is cookin, It doesn`t matter what your name is, and Just Bring It jabroni. Those were classics. And I like when he make his left eye come up. I can`t even do that. The Rock had great mic skills and he was funny. I wish he was still wrestling. He`s now making movies. The Rock is a great actor but he needs to come back to the WWE. If he comes back I`ll be happy.
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    Like some of the other female contributors here, I was surprised to find such a muscular man so attractive. Can't help trying to analyse the Rock's appeal. The way he moves is definitely part of it - not at all muscle-bound, really graceful. And he also exudes intelligence and humour. And has a soft, gentle voice. He comes over as a family man (which of course he is in real life) who just happens to have the body of a god - not as an alpha male (of dubious long-term reliability). I didn't like seeing him using guns in *Welcome to the Jungle* (UK title of *The Rundown*). I hope he doesn't go down that route as an action actor. The upcoming Disney sports film where he again has a kid as a comic foil (as in *The Scorpion King*) looks promising. I'd love to see him in more sword and sandal stuff like *The Scorpion King* - a) he looks good swishing long hair around - like well draped clothes, long hair accentuates graceful movement - maybe we could see him in a kilt someday?! b) in a heroic setting with hand-to-hand combat, a good guy can be seen kicking ass and also getting the girl. And I would like to see the Rock in another romance. Hey - a samurai film - they wear kilts (nearly)! Or how about, it's the 15th century, the Chinese have sent a fleet to circumnavigate the globe, they bring home a Somoan prince, he becomes the bodyguard of Zhang Zi-Yi and loves her hopelessly from afar (remix *The Bodyguard* and the Korean film, *The Warrior* - not to be confused with the Indian one of the same title). Or get out the Henry Treece Viking stories - encounters with Irish giants, male camaraderie and hardihood, enslavement on a galley (rippling muscular back pulling oars), intrinsic worth recognised, the Viking band become the elite palace guard of Byzantium. But I must see this man in a kilt. And with long hair.
  • Great skills in the ring and with the mic.

    Great skills in the ring and with the mic. The Rock or Rocky Mavia wrestled throughout the year of 2003, and basically with the help of Stone Cold carried the business known as the WWF. Once he saved the business from Bankruptcy he left the WWF, but he did enough
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    Dwayne Johnson (aka, The Rock) has really developed into a great action star. While his line deliverence leaves something to be desired, his acting/stunt skills are really solid.
  • It's good to see him moving on.

    I remember when he was booed when he made his debut as Rocky. I felt so bad for him. He didn't give up and created a new identity: The Rock. He has the natural charisma that just magnitizes anyone in an instant. Okay, maybe I'm taking it a little too far but he's very honest and isn't afraid to speak his mind. In an interview when he stated that he has a bad temper, I didn't take him seriously until he appeared on Punk'd. That wasn't Rock, that was a monster. lol. He's cool though and I hope he continues to excel as an actor.
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    Although I am not a WWE fan anymore. He is one of the greatest actors around. I really enjoyed his films such as Welcome To The Jungle and Walking Tall just to name a few. Dwayne is a real cool actor and as I said I really enjoy his films. I prefer him as an actor to him being wrestler.
  • The Rock! The only reason I ever tuned into wrestling.

    Years ago, hanging at a friends house, wrestling was on. I had never watched wrestling, wasn't interested in it. Suddenly a huge sexy man comes out and my jaw dropped. Was shortly thereafter that he stopped wrestling (at least I think he did) When I saw Mummy 2 and The Scorpion King I was impressed. Certainly not Oscar worthy movies but entertaining none the less. Recently I saw The Rundown and fell in lust all over again. Yes the man is hot that's plan to see, but he is very entertaining as well. I laughed my ass of at Rundown and The Scorpion King. There is something very endeering about a big tough man willing to get silly. I think He should be the next big action star! Someone give him a great script quick! I even find myself counting down until DOOM!
  • He is the hottest man alive on this earth

    I know he is a big movie star but the man has a heart that actually makes think that goodlooking hot musclar men can be nice and I also have to say "Damn what I could do to that" I cant wait to see him again in wwe kicking some ass
  • With the proper training and the right parts I think The Rock could be a very great actor.

    When I saw The Rock in the movie the Scorpion King I was like "Oh my gosh that was a horrible movie" and believe me it takes a lot for me to say that. I've been known to enjoy the biggest flop movies. But then I saw him in The Rundown and Walking Tall and I have to say his performance seemed to have improved and the parts were a whole lot better than the Scorpion King. I hope with time and good parts he grows into a great actor.
  • the rock rocks

    he is definately the most electrifying man in sports enertainment if he still was an athlete.he has done it all. he will be inducted into the hall of fame cuz he deserves it he loves using the spinebuster followed by the people's elbow combination or the rock bottom and the sharpshooter combination which makes hima force to be reconed with.
  • The Most Electrifying Man In Sports & Movie Entertainment.

    Tyrone89 you should check your facts before you start talking down on a talented athlete and actor. The Rock didnt use his fans and he most definitely didnt turn his back on them or the company. WWE let his contract run out because Vince McMahon felt The Rock was no longer a necessity to the company because he had other talent such as Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, John Cena, Triple H, Batista and so on. The Rock is a legitimate action star and The Most Electrifying Man in ANY Entertainment. FYI WWE realized the mistake they made by letting The Rocks contract expire and asked him to be a special guest wrestler for their WWE RAW show. Feel free to visit http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/ for any information regarding The Rock and any other wrestler/actors.
  • The Rock Is a trader!!!!!!!!!

    I think that The Rock doesn't deserves to be such a big Movie Star because he just don't deserve it. He used the WWE to make him famous and just left. Don't get me wrong The Rock is a good actor but he is also a back stabber. The WWE is what launched his career and he just drops the company like a bad habit. The Rock use to be my favorite wrestler and my idol before he hit his head somewhere and forget all of the things the WWE did for him. What is this man's problem? I hope The Rock gets exactly what he DESERVES!