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2/20/1962, Detroit, Michigan



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Dwayne McDuffie was born and raised in the city of Detroit, Michigan. There he attended Roeper School. He went to The University Of Michigan, then to New York University's Film School, though he never graduated from it.

superhero/supervillain battles.

Though Dwayne is most famous for co-creating Milestone Media,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Dwayne wrote the first four issues of Marvel Comics Double Dragon (based off a video game of the same name).

    • As of Janurary 2008, Dwayne has started writing the 3 issue miniseries World War Hulk Aftermath: Damage Control.

    • Dwayne began his run on Fantastic Four with #542 (February 2007) and his run on Justice League Of America with #13 and the one-shot Justice League Of America: Wedding Special #1 (September 2007).

    • Dwayne McDuffie was at the 2005 ComicCon SanDiego.

    • A few more of Milestone's comic series are Blood Syndicate, Xombi, Kobalt, and Shadow Cabinet.

    • Dwayne's next project is most likely Friends and Heroes (see trivia) below but it is unknown if he's going to Legion of Super Heroes.

    • Dwayne is going to write for a show that Stan Berkowhitz hired him, Alan Burnett, Dwayne McDuffie, Robert Goodman, Len Uhley (Static Shock), Paul Diamond (The Zeta Project) and Joelle Sellner (Teen Titans). The series title is going to be Friends and Heroes.

    • Dwayne McDuffie co-created Road to Hell with Matt Wayne, a fellow story editor on Justice League that Dwayne worked with many times.

    • In Static Shock, Dwayne threw in nods to the Hardware and Steel characters from comic books that he worked on.

    • Freida was the first person to figure out "Static's" secret identity in the Static comics, while in the TV series Static Shock, "Richie Foley found out first, even though in the comics, he never knew.

    • The character "Gear" from the TV series Static Shock is based on the characters Richie Foley (never became "Gear") and Rick Stone (who was openly gay from the Static comics. He is a combination of the two.

    • Dwayne McDuffie's book Icon: A Hero's Welcome, is alledgedly still in print, or so he states on his website.

    • Dwayne McDuffie: The Road To Hell a romantic comedy series I co-created with Matt Wayne for the British weekly TOXIC.

    • Dwayne McDuffie worked with "Marvel Comics" before "DC Comics."

    • Dwayne McDuffie's comic series Hardware character(also on the TV series Static Shock) Edwin Alva was based off of Marvel Comics, and how he left them.

    • Dwayne McDuffie did a comic signing when Damage Control V2 premiered.

    • Dwayne McDuffie has stated that there will be no more Static appearances, in Justice League...

    • Dwayne McDuffie wrote several episodes for Justice League (as well as producing), but it wasn't until Justice League Unlimited that he became a full time writer.

    • Dwayne McDuffie's comic division of "DC Comics" "Milestone Comics" had its own trading card game. It was produced by "Skybox Collectables." It had some 100 cards released in packs. There was also a big collector's box with about 50 of them in it.

    • Dwayne McDuffie's comic Static first issue was released with two different covers. It also has a special collectors edition, which includes a poster, 2 cards, the comic, and a sweepstakes entry form.

    • Dwayne McDuffie's comic Static was released to stands in June 1993.

    • Dwayne said that his favorite three episodes of Justice League are For The Man Who Has Everything, A Better World, and Starcrossed. One of those being ones he actually wrote.

    • In 2003, McDuffie and co-writer Alan Burnett were awarded the Humanitas Prize in Children's Animation for the "Jimmy" episode of Static Shock. In both 2003 and 2004 he was nominated, with other Static Shock creators, for daytime Emmy awards. In 2005, he was nominated for the Writers Guild of America award in animation, with Rich Fogel and John Ridley for the "Starcrossed" episode of Justice League.

    • His first major work was Damage Control, a Marvel series about the company that shows up between issues and tidies up the mess left by the latest round of superhero/supervillain battles.

    • Dwayne wrote a sneaky crossover with TT in the episode "Fear Itself."

    • Dwayne McDuffie had originally pitched a script for JLU about a Birds Of Prey episode.

    • The D in Dwayne's name should be capitialized so it should look like:

      Dwayne McDuffie not Dwayne Mcduffie

    • Dwayne was the director of a movie about Captain America, his only direction credit.

    • Back in the days of TV tome, Dwayne had made 13 posts.

    • Dwayne came up with the idea for nano generated sperm for the JLU episode "Epilogue".

    • Dwayne McDuffie and Matt Wayne have had history together (writing comics) and JL story editors.

    • Dwayne McDuffie has stated that he and the other members of the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited would love to use the Fan's ideas for episodes but they aren't allowed to.

    • Dwayne once pitched the idea for Flash to have a girlfriend in Justice League Unlimited, despite rejections from Bruce Timm. Linda Park, Flash's wife from the comics will be in JLU "Flash and Substance".

    • Dwayne McDuffie is working on DTV alongside Bruce Timm called World's Collide but Warner Bros has yet to greenlight the movie. The movie will be based on Justice League.

    • Dwayne McDuffie has been a victim to identity theft in some TV show forums that he wrote on.

    • Dwayne also posts here at Tv.com every now and then (He would if he remembered his password.)

    • http://forums.delphiforums.com/Milestone/messages is Dwanye's personal forum.

    • For a couple of years, Dwayne, though from the Motor City, Detroit, hadn't learned how to/didn't drive in L.A. Apparently he finally found a car (actually, an Infiniti SUV) he could fit in/and handle in L.A. traffic.

    • He was co-founder and editor-in-chief of Milestone Media, for which he created or co-created many characters, including Static, arguably the imprint's most popular superhero and the only one to get his own television series.

    • He has worked for many comic book companies, including Marvel Comics, Milestone Media, DC Comics, Harvey Comics, and Archie Comics.

  • Quotes

    • Dwayne McDuffie: In addition to the comic books I write on those increasingly rare occasions when I can score an assignment, I'm a script editor on Static Shock! (the KIDS WB! animated series based on my comic book, Static) and am a producer on the Cartoon Network animated series, Justice League Unlimited. In addition to episodes of those shows, I've also written for Justice League, What's New Scooby Doo? and Teen Titans (2 episodes). Upcoming comics work includes the all-new The Road To Hell graphic novel (with co-writer and creator Matt S. Wayne and artist Rick Parker).

    • Dwayne McDuffie: I read tons of comics. I was mostly a Marvel fan, my big favorites were Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four. I also liked the off-the-beaten-path stuff, Black Panther, Howard The Duck (don't make those faces, the COMIC was great), Deathlok, The Defenders. The only DC books I collected regularly were Legion of Super Heroes and The New Teen Titans. Later, I got seriously into DC with Watchmen, V For Vendetta and The Dark Knight Returns.

    • JLAnimated: In terms of production, from when the production/direction/writing crew has your initial sit down meeting to formulate an episode, how long does it usually take from that initial sit down until an episode is "delivered" to CN for broadcast?

      Dwayne: Looking at my calendar, eight or nine months, I'd guess. As to when they're aired, that's up to the network.

    • Dwayne McDuffie: (About bringing the Milestone Characters back) We'd love to do it, there have been talks with DC on and off over the years but we've never quite come to terms. As things stand, I'm more inclined to do the characters outside of the DCU. Anyway, the return of Milestone characters is always a possibility and not just in comics, he said, provocatively...

    • Dwayne McDuffie: I loved "Static in Africa" and "Flashback." Justice League has had so many great episodes that it would be easier to name the handful of duds I helped make (but I'm not going to). If you hold a gun to my head, out of the stuff that's aired I'd say "Starcrossed," "For The Man Who Has Everything" and "A Better World" are my favorites. I don't want to jinx us, but in my opinion, we've got six or seven shows left this season as good or better than anything we've ever done. If I'm wrong about this, I'm sure you guys will tell me.

    • Dwayne McDuffie: The idea of a comic book I helped make up becoming a hit TV show makes me pretty happy. I have to say, I'm also proud of my Humanitas Prize for "Jimmy," my Writers Guild Award nomination for "Starcrossed" and my Emmy nominations (I'm the only guy on the Justice League team who doesn't have a double armful of the things, so I'm still impressed). It's been an exciting couple of years.

    • Dwayne McDuffie: (About JLU) It's a tour of the DC Universe. We're going [to] go to a lot of different DCU locations we've never seen before.

    • JLanimated: Now that we know a little more about you, we can move on to questions regarding the DCUA:

      Are there any plans to bring back the Milestone characters either as a separate entity or as part of the mainstream DCU?

      Dwayne McDuffie: We'd love to do it, there have been talks with DC on and off over the years but we've never quite come to terms. As things stand, I'm more inclined to do the characters outside of the DCU. Anyway, the return of Milestone characters is always a possibility and not just in comics, he said, provocatively...

  • The best writer ever!!!

    Dwayne McDuffie is the best writer for TV and comics. He writes for shows like Static Shock, Justice League and Teen Titans. Mr McDuffie is suerly the most talented of writers. He worked for many comic book companys like Marvel Comics, Milestone Media, DC Comics, Harvey Comics, and Archie Comics. The most talented of all writes was the co-founder of Milestone Media. His best creation of all is Static. And the show Static Shock is like a prize to him after working for amny companys. Dwayne McDuffie, the father of all writers will live long.

  • One word-Great.

    Dwayne Mcduffie is the best writter on the side if Paul Dini. He wrote Epialgue, the greatest JLU episode ever! He wrote the Cadmus arc! They were the best episodes I ever veiwed! He wrote 75% of my favorite cartoons like Teen Titans. He and Paul Dini are the writters who Turned Batman and Justice League/ Justice League Unlimited into the greatest tv shows, ledgandary tv shows. Dwayne had created comic books for Milestone comics and in my book, he deserves a 10 out of 10 for writting my favorite episode of BB/JLU: Epilauge, continue the greatness Dwayne, we're rooting for you!moreless