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    • Dweezil worked at MTV as a VJ in the 1980's.

    • Dweezil and his family still remain extremely close, gathering every Sunday for their homemade family meal made by their mother together.

    • Dweezil wants to do more cartoon and voice-over work, citing that he is entertained by that aspect of the business.

    • Dweezil and brother Ahmet once convinced John Tesh to perform Ozzy Osbourne's 'Crazy Train' on The Conan O'Brian Show.

    • Dweezil was commisioned to record a version of 'You're a Mean Man, Mr. Grinch' to be put on the soundtrack for the Ron Howard re-make of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The song was not used, and Dweezil couldn't let it go to waste, so he gathered up some of his other songs, and put together Automatic.

    • Dweezil worked with the company 'Peavy' to design the amplifier that he uses, called the 'Wiggy'.

    • Dweezil and brother Ahmet write and record music for the claymation heavy metal band 'Razor Cat', seen on the UPN network sitcom Gary and Mike Show.

    • Dweezil's debut album was put out in 1982, titled My Mother Is a Space Cadet.

    • Dweezil appeared with his sister Moon Unit, and fellow hard rocker Henry Rollins in the Michael Keaton movie Jack Frost in 1998.

    • Dweezil's favorite alias to use is Richard Cinnamon.

    • Dweezil played the role of Simon, Molly Ringwald's friend in the John Hughes hit film Pretty in Pink.

    • Dweezil and his brother Ahmet organized the Zappa plays Zappa tour in 2006, he brought together a young group of musicians to bring the music of their father back to life.

    • Dweezil played the part of Stevie in the futuristic thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Running Man.

    • Dweezil was inspired to play the guitar by watching Eddie Van Halen and his style, that was so different from any others that he had seen.

    • Dweezil plays the guitar in the music video for Don Johnson's top forty hit 'Heartbeat'.

    • Dweezil kept his birth name until he was five years old, and found that the name that everyone called him, (Dweezil) was not his own. He demanded a name change, and Gail and Frank Zappa obtained an attorney to do so.

    • Dweezil 's registered birth name was Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa, The names of all his father Frank Zappa's band members. His parents tried to name him Dweezil, but the hospital refused to register that name. The name Dweezil is the name that Frank gave his wife Gail's pinky toe, for the odd way that it curled.

    • Dweezil dated musician Lisa Loeb for six years, the couple wrote and played their music together, with him joining her on tour to play with the band. Their love of food and each other landed them a show on The Food Network, but the romance fizzled out in May of 2004.

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