Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard


12/8/1985, Atlanta, Georgia

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Dwight David Howard


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With terrific athleticism complementing his enormous 6'11" frame, Dwight Howard is considered by many to be the best young big-man in the NBA. Dwight has already set league records for brilliance in rebounding at his young age. Expectations have been high for Howard since the Orlando Magic drafted…more


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    • Dwight Howard: Coming out of high school, I think it was good for me instead of going to college because college and the NBA are two different things. You can dominate on the college level, but the NBA is a whole different story. The dudes that do the best are the ones who work hard.

    • Dwight Howard: I'm just going to keep working. Spend more days in the gym, as possible. Just trying to get my game up, and just keep playing. And if it's in God's will for me to win, then I'll get it

    • Dwight Howard: I'm trying to earn everything given to me. I play hard and I want guys to remember that when they play the Magic they have to face Dwight Howard. And when you face him you have to get after it.

    • Dwight Howard: (referring to a basketball Olympic game) It didn't feel that different. But once we got on the court, you notice a different atmosphere. We're not playing in front of our home crowd. We had a lot of fun, it was a pretty good game.

    • Dwight Howard: (referring to the Beijing Olympics) I don't know. I've been to China a number of times and every time I come I feel like I'm at home. It didn't feel any different. It's almost like a regular home game.

    • Dwight Howard: I want to be the greatest player ever in my era.

    • Dwight Howard: The NBA is not for everybody. And looking from the outside in like I did last year, it seems so easy from just watching, but on the court it is a whole different level.

    • Dwight Howard: I just want to get out there and help my team win. I can play one, two, three, four, five or sixth man if I have to. ...We're a playoff team, but talent will only take you so far. As a team, we need to get a little more hungry.

    • Dwight Howard: Man, we're supposed to get wins like that... That's a tough loss.

    • Dwight Howard: I've got some work to do. We all do. We've got some time. This will be a good team. We've just got to get it all together.

    • Dwight Howard: Riding that bike and the little sideline running isn't basketball. My timing is still off, but it's basketball. It's what I do.

    • Dwight Howard: It was more of me rushing my shots than anything. That's the biggest thing for me. I was making good moves, but at the end of my moves, I was rushing all my shots. I learned a lesson.

  • Great player

    Dwight Howard is one of the NBA's bright, young future superstars. He came into the NBA straight out of high school to the Orlando Magic with the first overall pick in the 2004 NBA draft and continues to play center for them. He is an All-Star game mainstay and is one of the top 5 centers in the NBA. He won the All-Star game slam dunk championship during the 2008 All-Star game. He is one of the leagues better defensive players and is one of the leagues best rebounders, continually to lead the NBA in rebounds. Dwight Howard will continue to be one of the best young players in the NBA for a long time.moreless
  • The next big thing.

    I know for a fact that Dwight Howard is going to be one of the best players for the next decade. Why you ask? Because there isn't a center in the league or in college who can stop him from scoring 30, blocking 10, and grabbing 20 rebounds. I think Dwight Howard is by far one of the best players in the league. He will obviously be an all star for years to come and he will probably win a few championships if he has the right talent around him. Overall, I think Dwight Howard is one of the elite players in the game. Thank you.moreless