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  • Very talented actor and very nice person.

    Dwight Schultz is a very diverse actor, he is brilliant and should have gotten lead parts in great movies after the A-team stopped. The way he played Murdock and Barclay was great. I know he loves both of them and wouldn't prefer one role over the other and he is right, cause they were both great characters. Dwight played a leading part in the movie fat man and little boy (shadowmakers) with Paul Newman and I can recommend that movie to everyone. He currently gives Mung Daal a voice in Chowder and it's very funny and did you know that Dwight has made a podcast show named Howling Mad Radio? Dwight is a very smart guy and very intersted in politics. So HMR was mostly a political show but of course made in a Dwight way. Which means you get informed but it's also lot's of fun to listen to at the same time. You can still listen to snippets of it on his fansite. The man should get a radioshow or a talkshow on tv so he could continue to howl to the world! Dwight rules!
  • Nicktoons ruiner

    I hate this guy along with Ian James Corlett since they did CatDog & other sucky nickshows. So he ruined the voice Dingodile and voiced a nickshow that so many people should hate. He should change his name to Cry Schutlz instead of Dwight when CatDog is cancelled. They will never be heard of again and the torture will be over. Once nicktoons realizes that catDog will be cancelled the sation will once again turn from horrible to fair enough. So this guy really was out of ideas so he helped Corlett ruin the Nicktoons Nietwork. The voices are 100 percent ugly ang rushed through.
  • Much more than Howling Mad Murdock

    I think everybody knows Dwight from the A-Team craziest character: Howling Mad Murdock. I thought he was simply a fine actor until I saw his performances in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. Even if he has been a "minor" character - Lt Reginald Barclay- he has done a really wonderful job portraying the shy, overwhelmed yet talented engineer who is also addicted to holograms. He has made that character so real that I would have written a show abou him!! Seriously this guy is a fully committed actor and knows how to do his job! Fantastic!
  • I love Dwight Shultz.

    This man has a lot of talent, I wish I could see him more on TV and Movies. He is a very talented character actor. Does a great job on all of his voice work. He is absolutly helarious in the A-Team. And wonderful in Star Trek. Please bring this man back to TV.