Dwight Schultz


Dwight Schultz Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Schultz spent 15 years in theatre before making the move to television.

    • His television debut was in a small role inChips.

    • Dwight has appreciated sci-fi since he was young.

    • Dwight was not interested in girls until age 14.

    • Schultz earned a degree in theater arts from Towson State University in Maryland.

    • Dwight and Wendy met each other on a blind date. It was after the second date they realized they had something special together.

    • Dwight's wife, Wendy, also appeared on "The A-Team," as a veterinarian in the episode "Bounty".

    • Dwight admitted on the British Channel 4 documentary "Bring Back The A-Team" (2005) that he was almost dropped from "The A-Team" at the beginning because the producers thought he was "too over the the top" with his acting. However, then NBC president Brandon Tartikoff contacted them and told them to definitely keep Dwight, because the test audiences for the show, which were using dials to gauge their like of the actors on the show, were turning them all the way up whenever Dwight appeared, giving him the highest ratings possible.

    • Dwight's wife Wendy now has her own therapy service.

    • Dwight now does a lot of videogame voiceover work, such as portraying salesman O'aka XXIII in Final Fantasy X.

    • On stage Schultz appeared opposite Charlton Heston in a revival of The Crucifier of the Blood playing a role that originally won him the Drama-Logue Award on Broadway. He also appeared in Tom Stoppard's Night & Day with Maggie Smith and The Crazy Locomotive with Glenn Close.

  • Quotes

    • Dwight: I've loved playing Mung Daal on Chowder. It's been really fun so far. The voice acting is magnificent in the show, and I love watching episodes.

    • Schultz: As a child, I always loved sound and voices. Very early on, I'd go to a movie, come back and imitate everything and everybody. I'd sit with a box of clay and make monsters and people, and I'd do the voices for everybody.