Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam


10/23/1956, Pikeville, Kentucky (USA)

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Dwight David Yoakam


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Dwight Yoakam was born on October 23, 1956, in Pikeville, Kentucky, though he was raised in Columbus, Ohio. He became interested in music and acting while he was in high school. He sang, played guitar, and was often awarded the lead role in school plays. After dropping out…more


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  • Like all the greats, there is nothing this guy cannot do.

    I grew up listening to Dwight. In fact one of the first songs I heard was "It Only Hurts Me When I Cry" he co-wrote that with Roger Miller. Dwight is a true original singer/songwriter/musician. My favorite songs from him are:

    #10: Things Change

    #9: I Sang Dixie

    #8: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    #7: Honky Tonk Man

    #6: Suspicious Minds

    #5: Always Late With Your Kisses

    #4: A Thousand Miles From Nowhere

    #3: Guitars Cadalacs

    #2: Little Ways


    #1 my favorite Dwight Yoakam song of all time is:

    "Streets Of Bakersfield" featuring the true master of the Bakersfield Sound BUCK OWENS!!!!!!!!!! They both sounded so great together on that record. His first #1 record and Buck's first #1 in 15 years. I see Dwight's music has gotten better with age. His writing has gotten more deep and I can't wait to see the next move he makes:

    Hey you don't know me but you don't like me

    Say you're careless of how I feel

    How many of you sit and judge me

    And walk the streets of Bakersfieldmoreless
  • It was one of the best concerts I\'ve ever seen. Dwight Yoakam has some of the best vocals in country music.

    Dwight Yoakam

    Mountain Arts Center

    Prestonsburg, Kentucky

    August 29, 2006

    Dwight and the band put on a very long show to a packed house. I didn\'t wear a watch but I asked someone outside how long he sang and they said 2 1/2 hours. It was a great performance. Dwight\'s vocals were so clear and near perfect. I love to listen to him and this night was one of the best.

    The people I heard talking before, during, and after the show were pleased that he was here and that he sang some of his older songs that were written about their area. If you\'re a Dwight Yoakam fan you probably have heard his song Readin\', Rightin\', Route 23 which is about his family taking Route 23 when they moved to Columbus, Ohio when he was a child and all the trips they made back along this road to see his grandparents. Before he sang Readin\', Rightin\', Route 23 Dwight said since he was down here in Prestonburg he was going to do a few things that he wrote about from being from down here and that he was born down in Pikeville and moved up to Ohio when he was real small and used to come back up and down that road that runs out in front of here, Route 23, all the time from Columbus. He said, I wrote this about the experiences that I shared with my family coming in and out of here all the time.

    I traveled Route 23 on the way to the concert and back home. The part of US 23 running through Kentucky is also named Country Music Highway and has signs on it that state the name of the country music singer born in that area. I passed Dwight\'s sign going to the concert and saw Patty Loveless\'s on the way home. I also passed through the area right outside Pikeville. Getting to see Dwight so close to where he was born was truly an experience. He seemed happy to be there. He had his mom and one of his aunts with him. I saw them out by the bus after the show. His mom is a lovely woman.

    Dwight said he wrote Miners Prayer for the men who lived in Betsy Layne where he lived the first year of his life and his Grandfather who was a coal miner in this part of Kentucky for a long time. (Betsy Layne is close to Pikeville.) He said something about there being a lot of coal miners in Kentucky and West Virginia. I have family who have worked or presently still work in the West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia coal mines.

    During his introduction before the show started they said Dwight was a supporter of the Mountain Arts Center. They said when he did the gap commercial gap had made a donation and some other entities Dwight had been involved with had also made donations. The Mountain Arts Center (MAC) is a good venue for concerts. The seats all face the stage and slant upwards so you have a better chance to see the performance. During this show they stayed in their seats until Dwight left the stage then they stood up and yelled until he came back out for an encore and stayed standing until he left the stage again. Not my usual Dwight concert experience. Everyone in front of me usually stands. Usually seems like someone in front of me is 6 foot tall. I usually spend the night on my toes trying to see. I really enjoyed this concert.

    Out at the bus after the show I talked to a woman who said she had traveled from Illinois and she said she had talked to some people from New York. So there was a lot of local people at the show and also some people who had traveled long distances to see Dwight. Dwight\'s band signed autographs and took pictures with fans. Dwight didn\'t but instead sent out autographed pictures of himself.

    I have been a Dwight Yoakam fan for a long, long time. This is one of the most touching concerts I have been to. Dwight did a fantastic job singing. I\'ve never heard him sound better.moreless