Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade


1/17/1982, Chicago, Illinois

Birth Name

Dwyane Tyrone Wade



Also Known As

Tidal Wade, The Flash, Dwayne Rain, Hurricane Wade
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Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th , 1982. His parents, Dwyane Sr. and Jolinda Wade, were separated shortly after and his mother, along with his older sisters Tragil, Deana and Keisha, took care of Dwyane in South Chicago. At the age of…more


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    • Dwyane Wade: Oh, man, hats off to my teammates. He did a great job. Jason Williams did an unbelievable job tonight hitting 10 out of 12 shots.

    • Dwyane Wade: Second chances hurt us. They got a couple of second chance rebounds on us and that was the difference in us making the plays at the end.

    • Dwyane Wade: We hope there is an easier way of course, but when you're winning games like this and come back, it always builds character and it always gives you confidence knowing you can come back. At the same time, you don't want to get into a habit of spotting a team 15 points and saying 'alright, let's go now.

    • Dwyane Wade: I put an okay day in, especially in the second half. That's just coach Riley being the emotional guy that he is.

    • Dwyane: There's no question you have to try to keep the ball in front of you as much as possible without getting fouls. The perimeter (defenders) have got to do a little better job on that now that we don't have the luxury of letting them go down to Alonzo.

    • Dwyane: I missed some shots that I normally make, and they really pressured me. It was tough, but when we play them again in April, we'll have some counters for what they were doing tonight.

    • Dwyane: In the first half, I was just letting them deny me. The second half, I tried to do a better job of getting open. But it's kind of hard to do something when you don't have any arms to do anything, when the guy's all on your arms. It's very tough.

    • Dwyane: Both teams played each other twice, we both won a game, each was close, and because of our history, yeah, it's going to be a very important game to see where both our teams are at.

    • Dwyane: That's something I'm going to play over and over again in my head and say I should have gone with the left. I got to the basket. I really wanted to go for the three; I wanted to go for the win. But once I came off (the screen) I had attacked the basket. And I got a good shot. It just wasn't meant to be because I don't miss that too often.

    • Dwyane: I really couldn't even see it and I hit the ground hard, always hit the ground hard.

    • Dwyane: We have to come back tomorrow. We're a team that never quits, we always fight.

    • Dwyane: That means we are having a good year with a lot of games left. We want to continue to get better and stay healthy down the stretch.

    • Dwyane: Having him back there as a force willed us to victory on the defensive end. We're lucky to have him, especially with Shaq being in foul trouble. We're lucky to have the best backup center in the league.

    • Dwyane: I always do it (watch film). Even when I have good games, I always try to watch and see the things I did good and the things I did bad and try to learn from a way a team is playing me and different things like that.

    • Dwyane: You try to bounce back and that's all I tried to do every time I had a bad game. I was just putting the effort forward for my teammates to make plays and make plays for myself. So I did a decent job of bouncing back.

    • Dwyane: I try to bounce back. That's all I try to do every time I have a bad game. I just put in the effort to try to make play for my teammates and make plays for myself. I did a decent job of bouncing back.

    • Dwyane: That is what I am battling right now so I am trying to do everything I can to be ready to go for our next game, so I am battling right now.

    • Dwyane: I was more aware and aggressive in the second half. I didn't want to lose and wanted to do whatever I could to help the team win.

    • Dwyane: We needed it to start the game to know for one, we've got it in us. And for two, it was something we needed to do. We worked very hard yesterday on getting the focus to come out early, start out strong and we did it.

    • Dwyane: At halftime, he was really talking about going out and doing it. He came in and showed us the way and everybody else just followed him and kind of got what energy he brought.

    • Dwyane: A lot of teams, guys come in against Miami and they try to go off. We have to try to limit that as much as possible. We're still a ways away [defensively]. More than anything we just need to continue to get better at the effort part defensively.

    • Dwyane: I tried to bounce back. Every time I have a bad game I just put the effort forward to make plays.

    • Dwyane: We didn't come out in the fourth like our usual selves. Most of the time in the fourth, we'll make the right plays. We made some of the wrong plays in the fourth tonight.

    • Dwyane: Just get it back to Miami. Out in Chicago I never play good. I have a long career ahead of me, so one day I will get one good game in.

    • Dwyane: It's just getting the ball in your hands and making a play. I've got confidence in myself and my teammates have confidence to get me the ball.

    • Dwyane: We were more aggressive in the second half. I just did not want us to lose. I do what I can to help my team win. I was just doing what I can to help my team win.

    • Dwyane: Having five days off helped me come out with a lot of energy. It is tough to be able to play games like this, down to the end. This is what you need come playoff time.

    • Dwyane: That's once in a lifetime right there. There are not many times when Shaq has been on the bench in the fourth quarter.

    • Dwyane: He was starting to turn red with the tape over his mouth. I was starting to get a little worried about him.

    • Dwyane: I can honestly say if I had gotten (the gold) the first time, it probably would have been a different scenario this time around.

    • Dwyane: He has been playing the game at a high level lately, playing like an All-Star.

    • Dwyane: It's going to be hard to try to convince him anyway with a new baby on the way. That's something he has to decide.

    • Dwyane: You could tell he wanted it. I've been seeing it in his eyes ever since the All-Star break. He's a different person.

    • Dwyane: It's all about being aggressive. I saw a lot of gaps tonight.

    • Dwyane: It was nice. He was turning red when he put it over his mouth so I was worried about him a little bit.

    • Dwyane: Anytime you get a win you're happy with it and you try to learn from it.

    • Dwyane: I'm not going to try to convince him. It's going to be hard to convince him anyway, with a new baby on the way. I just wanted to make my decision before him, so if that helped him any.

    • Dwyane: Our continuity is still good. Of course, there was a little rust and we had a lot of anxiousness. But guys played with a lot of energy.

    • Dwyane: I told him he's got to hold his end of the bargain up. I'm tired of carrying us.

    • Dwyane: Everybody knows Shaq and everybody knows that Shaq always says that when the playoffs come, he'll be there. So we weren't really worried. We knew after he missed 18 games that it was going to take him awhile to get back. But I think right now is the right time for this team, that around the break time, he has a chance to get back in shape and get his form back.

    • Dwyane: I was in the right place at the right time to get the bucket.

    • Dwyane: Coach Flip, he had something to say about [the rivalry]. But it is all fun and games.

    • Dwyane: No question, my game is like A.I.'s, and I'm just a taller version of him. I respect him for what he does on the court every night, and he is somebody I looked up to when I was in college and high school.

    • Dwyane: You know, the guy is averaging 28 points a game. You have to wonder what some of them were looking at when they cast their vote. I'm sure that it gets political, but the good news is that he's on the team. This is where he belongs.

    • Dwyane: You have a quick first step, guys can't put their hands on you. I know we like it. But on the opposite end, the same thing. When you are guarding a great player, you can't touch.

    • Dwyane: Yeah, man, I'm going to be in Vegas no matter what next year. No matter what happens, I'm in Vegas next year.

    • Dwyane: We thought Nash was going to knock that down right away.

    • Dwyane: I'm young. The only thing I told them in the meeting is I would talk to my family and get a feel for being away from my family three years.

    • Dwyane: I hit that jump shot and I kind of knew from there that I was going to be holding that trophy up.

    • Dwyane: I decided to wing it. That's the kind of player I am, just come out and wing it, so it worked again.

    • Dwyane: It helps us with our one-on-one game, especially guys that have quick first steps.

    • Dwyane: I will be soon. Hopefully I will be there in 2008 at the Olympics. Hopefully when I get out there one day soon I will get a warm ovation.

    • Dwyane: At first, I wasn't really too pumped about it. But now as it gets closer, I think it's going to be a challenge.

    • Dwyane: Shandon's been on vacation for while, so it's good to see him come back and use his energy. The main thing is to put another body on other guys, and when he does that, it gives me the opportunity to be more aggressive at the other end.

    • Dwyane: The Dallas game was a disaster. But you know what? Sometimes you need games like that to wake yourself up and look yourself in the mirror. It was three bounce-back games for us.

    • Dwyane: It's good to go right into the All-Star break and relax a little bit and not be worried about where your team is.

    • Dwyane: I feel good. We have a three-game winning streak and guys are playing good. Shaq and myself are getting into the flow. It is giving us confidence.

    • Dwyane: We're not really looking at teams' records. We just want to come in and get better and we can't relax. This is the NBA.

    • Dwyane: Another win Wednesday will make us feel great about the way we're playing.

    • Dwyane: We can't say, 'We're not playing the best teams in the league, so we can relax.' Not at all. It's the NBA, so we have to focus on getting better, so we can be as good as we're going to get by the time the playoffs come.

    • Dwyane: This win is important for our confidence. Any game where we're down, we can always look back to this game and know that we did it against a good team and can pull it out.

    • Dwyane: I put it on my shoulders at the end. I tried to make some plays. I went through a tough stretch but my teammates gave me confidence. At the end I was in a zone. I haven't been in one of those all year. It feels good to finally get one.

    • Dwyane: Our defense is coming along. We're getting our rotations down. The communication is better. The main this is we're all beginning to understand what everyone is doing.

    • Dwyane: The one thing I love about my signature performance shoe is that it's great on the court, but it also looks good with a pair of jeans.

    • Dwyane: We're still looking. We hope it will come. If it doesn't come soon, we'll have an early vacation.

    • Dwyane: Anytime you lose a game it's painful. But when you get blown out, when you get embarrassed, especially on (national) TV, it's terrible. You put a hat on and walk out of here because no one has a reason to walk out of here with their head up.

    • Dwyane: I took it upon myself to be more aggressive. I wanted the ball. Coach gave me the ball and I just tried to attack (and) make plays, just take it to the rim and see what happens.

    • Dwyane: It's a totally different situation. I have other guys on my team.

    • Dwyane: We fought back and it seemed like every time we got it close they made a play.

    • Dwyane: Every time we got it close, they just seemed to make the play. That is what good teams are supposed to do at home.

    • Dwyane: Once you wear something you're comfortable with and you play well, you're going to do it again. I needed a different look personally. Then once I wore it, I liked it. Now I've got Shaq wearing it.

    • Dwyane: It means a lot to be named a starter in my third year. To be named a starter, with my teammate, going to All-Star, I'm excited and happy and thank the fans for voting me in. I'm grateful for it.

    • Dwyane: No question, this is one of the best games we've played thus far this year, especially playing against a team that's been playing exceptionally well of late. We would like to see more of this. And I think we're getting there.

    • Dwyane: Hopefully, I can become a staple, like my teammate Shaq. I'm grateful that NBA fans think so highly of my game.

    • Dwyane: The main thing he's added is his confidence. He knows he's the best on the floor almost every night and that takes him a long way.

    • Dwyane: This was an exciting game from beginning to end. Both teams were getting out running and scoring at will.

    • Dwyane: Y'all might have made him mad. I think y'all lit a fire under him, so that's good.

    • Dwyane: We came out of the locker room knowing we had let this team back in the game. We knew we had to get back our focus.

    • Dwyane: Last year we had a team that everybody had a role. If it wasn't me and Shaq scoring, everybody was spotting up, hitting the jumper. The main thing is it just takes time to learn each other, learn the system.

    • Dwyane: He's a guy I looked up to and went to when I didn't understand something. Eddie told me the way. When he left, I called and thanked him for showing me the way, showing me the ropes.

    • Dwyane: We call him Antoine McAdoo. He came off the bench and got 20 points.

    • Dwyane: That was probably the only game I didn't get hurt my rookie year.

    • Dwyane: We all know where to find Eddie. Just go to the casino.

    • Dwyane: It's just getting familiar with what we're trying to do. I'm sure you'll see better spacing each time in the pre-season.

    • Dwyane: He's got, like, two suits... and they're terrible. I just keep it real with him.

    • Dwyane: It's just a respect factor. It's always going to be Coach Riley because of what he's done as a coach. He's still a coach.

    • Dwyane: Of course me and Shaq will be the main focus of the offense... That was successful for us last year and will continue to be successful for us, hopefully.

    • Dwyane: Last year, he just lost weight. And I think at the end of the year that kind of took a toll on him because he didn't have that strength that he used to, to fall back on... Shaq is motivated to do something better and help the team.

    • Dwyane: I've only scratched the surface of where I want to be in my career, ... And I know one thing, I haven't won anything yet so there's a lot more I can do there. But I'm going to continue to get better and do what I can to help my team be the best it can possibly be.

    • Dwyane: I was more aggressive going to the basket to finish than I was the last game. And tonight they called them. The other night they didn't.

    • Dwyane: He's getting in better shape. When a big guy like him is out for 18 games, it's like taking what he did in training camp and what he did in the summer and throwing it out the window. He's getting more active on both sides of the floor. He's getting deep and we're finding him now. He's going up strong and finishing.

    • Dwyane: Coach did put a challenge out there for me to be more active on defense, to be more aware. I know I'm a good defender. At times, I just take a rest. So he put a challenge on me not to take a rest.

    • Dwyane: We lost a great teammate. But I was also excited because the guys coming in can help us get to where we need to go, and that's to win a championship.

    • Dwyane: Maybe I got hurt for a reason - to bring these guys here and we all celebrate together over on Biscayne Bay one day.

  • a really good player the help bring miama championship in 2006

    i think dwade is a really good player offensivly and defensivly. he has come along way since 2006 winning the championship and the lost of shaq and some other good. and the injuries he has sufferd but the last few years he is back to being a offenive and defensive machine. getting block shots and rebounds for his team and shooting 3s and getting really nice dunks but i think he has to be becasue mimai is just not a really good team so he is like the only player doing that. he always has to play good for a his team to have a chance of winning.moreless
  • Great player

    Dwayne Wade is the point guard for the NBA's Miami Heat. He was born in the south side of Chicago, Illinois. He chose to attend Marquette University, and would lead his team to a Final Four run only to fall short. He was selected with the fifth pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. The Heat had a great year during the 2006 season, winning the NBA Championship, with Dwayne winning the Finals MVP Award. He has won a bronze and gold medal playing for Team USA basketball in the '04 and '08 games. He is having another great season and is in the running for the MVP Award.moreless