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  • a really good player the help bring miama championship in 2006

    i think dwade is a really good player offensivly and defensivly. he has come along way since 2006 winning the championship and the lost of shaq and some other good. and the injuries he has sufferd but the last few years he is back to being a offenive and defensive machine. getting block shots and rebounds for his team and shooting 3s and getting really nice dunks but i think he has to be becasue mimai is just not a really good team so he is like the only player doing that. he always has to play good for a his team to have a chance of winning.
  • Great player

    Dwayne Wade is the point guard for the NBA's Miami Heat. He was born in the south side of Chicago, Illinois. He chose to attend Marquette University, and would lead his team to a Final Four run only to fall short. He was selected with the fifth pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. The Heat had a great year during the 2006 season, winning the NBA Championship, with Dwayne winning the Finals MVP Award. He has won a bronze and gold medal playing for Team USA basketball in the '04 and '08 games. He is having another great season and is in the running for the MVP Award.
  • Great player.

    I keep on wanting to say that Dwayne Wade is going to slow down but it never happens. He keeps on getting better and better each season and he keeps on finding new ways to score the ball. It is very fun to watch this guy play because he never does the same thing twice on offense. He can shoot the ball or drive to the rim and score with ease. He isn't a great defender, but he is decent. Overall, he is agreat player and he really could be a MVP. I think he may be one of the most entertaining players in the game. Thank you.
  • He's a great NBA player. The reason why his team is the worst in the league this season? Obvious. He has NOBODY to work with! Poor Dwayne!

    Dwayne Wade is an awesome player. He is really good at scoring a lot of points yet passing and racking up the assists, too. Just too bad he has no one to work with any more.

    You know, the NBA Finals of 2006, he had a lot of good teammates to work with, and Shaquille O'Neal wasn't as bad as he is today. He won the Finals MVP after coming back from 2-0 in the Finals series, to win four straight, and win over my glorious Dallas Mavericks, 4-2. *cries*

    But then later on, they got rid of their Championship roster. I think it was seven players on the championship roster they don't have now, and now since Shaq is away, I think it is eight. So it isn't Dwayne Wade's fault for being on the suckiest team in the league, because he has racked up 24.3 points per game, 7.0 rebounds per game, 4.4 assists per game, and 1,608,260 votes from voters all around America to put him in the starting line up for the NBA's 2008 All Star Game between the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Go West, tee-hee.

    So there you go. The reason Dwayne Wade is awesome, pretty much. The reason that explains, you don't have to be on a winning team, to not attend the All-Star Game. D-Wade is one of only two players that are in the starting lineup for any conference that are with a team with a losing record. Him and Jason Kidd are the only two, both from the East.
  • Dwyane Wade is also my favorite basketball player.

    He`s young and he`s this good. Dwyane Wade plays for the Miami Heat. He won a championshop with them last year. Dwyane Wade also did a few commercials with Charles Barkley. They were funny. Dwyane Wade rules. He`s a true mvp. He`s the best rookie of the year. There isn`t anything more that I can say about D Wade except he`s good and talented. I also hope he can win another championship again.
  • He's this young and he's already this good?

    Only two names in the 03 draft were really bearing recognition; Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James. It was a rivalry that many sought to be as big as Bird and Magic, Russell and Chamberlain. The only rivalry here is which draft was deeper; 03 or 84, because little did realize how many other good players were picked in that year, such as Chris Bosh, Boris Diaw, Kirk Hinrich, Josh Howard, and most importantly, Dwyane Wade. Selected fifth overall, Dwyane Wade didn't have an immediate impact on the Miami Heat being led by Lamar Odom and Eddie Jones, however, in the playoffs was where he truly shined. It was a three way battle for Rookie of the Year between Wade, Anthony, and Lebron, but while Lebron won it, Anthony and Wade actually led their team to the playoffs. Anthony was out early, unfortunately facing up against the first seeded Minnesota Timberwolves being powered by MVP Kevin Garnett and led by Sam Cassell, but the young star wasn't going to suffer from the same fate, leading his team to the second round, facing off against Jermaine O'Neal, Reggie Miller, and the Indiana Pacers. To everyone's surprise, the Heat gave the Pacers a fight to remember, but it wasn't enough.

    The one thing that separates Dwyane Wade from everyone in his position and draft class is his willpower. I've never seen such a dynamic player in my life who was driven by his own will--note, I started watching the NBA during Jordan's last season, and the first game I saw was game 6 of the finals. Dwyane Wade can pull up for the jumper, set up his teammates, make his opponents literally fall to the ground because of his astonishing body control, can deliver some of the most fascinating dunks rivaling Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant, but his most famous trait of his game is his ability to slash into the paint and endure whatever damage comes his way, quite similar to Allen Iverson's style of play. However, the difference between Iverson and Wade is Wade's ability to control his body so well. He can change the direction of his body in an instant as if he were a Dragonball Z character. While he has a nice facet of offensive skills, the comparisons with the legends comes within his clutch ability. Dwyane Wade is a horrible 3 point shooter, but there are several instances in his career when his team needed that 3 the most, and he delivered. Plus, in a game that pitted two ancient rivals against each other with the New York Knicks, Dwyane Wade shocked the entire stadium when he made the game winning basket to seal the win. A shock similar to a Reggie Miller moment.

    In 06, when the Miami Heat posted the best record in the East, they were defeated by the Detroit Pistons in a heated battle in the conference finals when Dwyane Wade fell with an injury caused by Rasheed Wallace. The following season, people ranked the Heat as the best team when acquiring players like Antoine Walker, Gary Payton, James Posey, and Jason Williams. While their nucleus was ruined when losing Damon Jones and Eddie Jones, people thought what they got in return would more than make up for it. However, the season rolled in, and Shaq was hit with an injury when playing against the Indiana Pacers, who were also an elite team that would have caused a ton of ruckus the playoffs before if it weren't for the Malice of the Palace incident, which saw suspensions from their best players. Antoine Walker was already hated for his constant mediocre 3 point shooting, and the jokes about his 4 point shooting wouldn't stop. James Posey wasn't the 3 point threat that Eddie Jones was, and Shaq got older. Their record was respectable, but their record against teams with better records was bad. Though when the playoffs came, it took only one player to lead this band of aging veterans into the finals, ultimately bringing Miami its first championship title in franchise history. And when commissioner David Stern was prepared to call out the MVP, everyone knew no one other than Dwyane Wade deserved to be up there.

    The fact that this young man is only 24 and has led this team into the finals, even winning it, means the future can only be brighter for this player. However, despite his sophisticated game, the one thing that brings fears in his fan's eyes is exactly that; his game. He endures so much punishment from the big men who try to block his shots, receiving crushing blows to his body, that it won't be long until he gets an injury ending career. And while his body is still young, injuries are worse when you're old, which could force him to play out of his usual game. So it all comes down to his will. One thing's for sure; the talks between Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade won't stop, especially when Wade played with the flu against the Detroit Pistons in game 6, in which they won it, and the series.
  • dwayne wade is my favorite player ever...

    he is awesome. I remember watching him play at Marquette and thought to myself; \"that guy has talent\". I thought he might do well in the NBA, but I had no clue he would be so amazing in the NBA. I didn\'t really like te Heat, but since I saw that Wade was going to the HEat I discovered that I absolutely loved them. Wade is nowhere near Jordan status but if his progress continues like this, he will be there in no time flat. I hope and look forward to seeing Wade play in the future and the Heat as well
  • he is awesome

    i love theway he plays he sould have been voted rookie of the year cuz he brought the miami heat to the playoffs instead of lebron who got it and still could not bring the cavs to playoffs after two years in his career. next season they heat are gonna win cuz of him.