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  • Trivia

    • Dyan's favorite music: Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, and The rock & roll classics of the '70's.

    • Dyan practices meditaion, Yoga, and Tai Chi as a part of her daily workout.

    • Dyan received two Oscar nominations for 'Best Supporting Actress'. One nomination for her role in the then-controversial sex comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice in 1969, the other for her role as an adulterous wife in Heaven Can Wait in 1978.

    • Dyan directed a film based on her autobiography, titled The End of Innocence.

    • Dyan wrote, produced, directed, and helped edit a 42 minute film sponsored by the American Film Institute. titled Number One. Dyan designed this film to teach children about sexuality and their bodies, earning her an Oscar nomination for 'Best Live-Action Short'.

    • Dyan is the first woman in the history of the Motion Picture Academy to have received Oscar nominations for her work in front of and behind the camera.

    • Dyan is a follower of Benny Hinn, one of the foremost faith healers in the country, he was the one who discovered her healing powers, and helped her to harness their energy.

    • Dyan used to hold 'Dyan Cannon's God Party' every month on the CBS studios lot in Studio City, California. These were 9o minute prayer groups, with approximately 30 followers, being whipped into a frenzy by her declarations of curing Cancer, and other diseases and conditions. The last 'Party' held on the CBS lot was in 2003.

    • Dyan was sued for her 'Faith Healing' efforts. A woman approached her on the stage that she was healing on, and Dyan layed her hands on her, then on another man at the same time. The aides that were supposed to catch those falling backwards, missed the woman, causing her to fall flat on her back. Melody Taylor claims that she did not go with the intent of being healed, but felt inspired after watching her pray.

    • Dyan was originally discovered on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California, while having lunch.

    • Dyan suffered from smoke inhalation from a fire that broke out in her West Hollywood, California condominium on April 6th, 2004. She was sleeping at the time, and the smoke alarms woke her, she was able to get her dogs out safely, the cause of the fire was electrical.

    • Dyan is a 'Faith Healer', that claims to have healing powers over sickness, by laying her hands on those inflicted. People come from all over the states to have her perform her miracle on them.

    • Dyan approached a plastic surgeon in the '70's for a nose job. The doctor refused to perform the surgery, because she had a beautiful nose, it was then that she decided not to ever consider rhinoplasty again.

    • Dyan was crowned 'Miss West Seattle' in 1955.

    • Dyan made her feature film debut in 1960, playing the role of 'Wiggles' in This Rebel Breed. She immediately landed a second role in The Rise and Fall of Legs diamond, through her contract witht MGM.

    • Dyan was originally named Samille Diane Friesen, but changed it to Diane Cannon in1960, with the suggestion coming from writer/producer Jerry Wald. She later modified it further, to Dyan Cannon.

    • Dyan is a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan, and has held courtside seats for decades.

    • Dyan left Cary Grant after only 18 months of marriage, claiming that he would spank her for disobeying him. The divorce was bitter and messy, with custody and money issues going on for years after the final dissolution on May 28, 1967.

    • Dyan married Cary Grant in 1965, becoming his fourth wife. She was 28 years old, and he was 61. They welcomed their only child, a daughter they named Jennifer on February 26, 1966.

  • Quotes

    • Dyan: Sure, I would like to be remembered for my work in films, and television. But I would much prefer to be noted for my spirituality and love for God. Now, THAT is something.