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  • An amazing and gorgeous actor.

    When I was younger, my absolute favorite movie was Where the Heart is, and now that I've seen him on Numb3rs, I've realized that he is a really talented actor. The range that he can play is absolutely amazing. I really love his character on Numb3rs. I am especially appreciative of the episode One Hour in which he takes charge and becomes like a hero to the man and his family. I hope that he continues on Numb3rs for a long time. I like his serious and dark acting of that particular show, not really dark as in scary but as in more serious.
  • Gorgeous and talented!

    I think Dylan Bruno is gorgeous and talented and finally
    Has a show that might make him a star or if something comes up, he might leave Numb3ers and become a leading man
    He has the smarts(MIT is an ivy-league school)brawns, and also the looks for a blossoming future!
    Too bad though he is getting married in the summer!
    Breaks my heart!