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  • Dylan is just so amazing and i know hes gonna go far as an actor i hope this reveiw im about to give will make him be more famous and more happy and i hope to see him in more things in the furture.

    Dylan fergus is an amazing actor! His charactor on passions is just so adorable. His smile is the cuttest thing i have ever seen. The way he saves Fancys life is just so sweet! it really brings out himself in his role. I havent seen all his other work like day by night. and all my children and the movies he was in but i can already tell that hes gonna go far. Id love to see im in more things maybe even get some posters out of himself, then he'll be moer famous that he already is. By what ive said u can probally tell how i feel about him, i know its strange to be crushing on an actor but i cant help it! All i want is to just meet him! But if thsi reveiw helps him be more famous and mero happy in anyways id love to help. Over all hes an outstanding actor and i hope to see him more in the furture.