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  • Dylan Lane Fan

    He is the greatest at doing his job, thumbs up!
  • This Fuse VJ is Hilarious and deserves a review..

    Dylan-the host of Fuse's F-List is Hilarious and Talented I thought he deserved a review because he has none... If more people got Fuse and watched it he would have tons of reviews because he is just awesome!! On F-List he's always making fun of music videos and comments for them and i just think its really funny..He also hosts Fuse's Amplified Guide.. and he is also hilarious in that, going to different places and reviewing things for that particular season...Also when he was on Daily Download, Him and Co-Host Marianela were the funniest together.. I dont know why they took him off that, but they shouldnt have..anyways, now Dylan has a review soo..